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Drinks are fairly affordable for a club and some signature cocktails are the favorites among the young crowd.Bartini’s also has a few VIP areas set up for special events or for groups just looking to enjoy the VIP treatment for a night.

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Inside the club you’ll find the dance floor is large and open, which is perfect for the 20-something crowd looking to drink, dance and party.

If you have the chance to go on a tour of the brewery and visit the taproom, take advantage of it. Nicky Blaine’s – Nicky Blaine’s is one of the more upscale and classy lounges in Indianapolis.

Nicky’s is a cigar bar and there are plenty in Indianapolis but none are quite as classy or upscale as Nicky Blaine’s.

The wait staff is incredibly knowledgeable at Nicky Blaine’s and will be able to help you pick out a cigar based upon your tastes.

Your waiter will even cut the cigar and light it for you and are attentive throughout your entire stay.

The pizza is generally delivered within a short time and most locals seem to like the pizza.

Overall, the Fountain Square Brewing features some of the best craft beers in all of Indianapolis making it a hot spot for beer drinkers.

The bar is predominately red which offers that warm, intimate feeling that you’d find in an upscale cigar bar.

The sound of light jazz will remind you of the cocktail lounges of the 50s and 60s and it almost seems like Nicky’s was directly taken out of a scene from Mad Men.

The Double IPA, Hop for Teacher, and Porter are among the favorites among the locals but there is several other beers available at any given time.

Inside the taproom, you’ll find a relaxed and laid back atmosphere.

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