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The survey was posted in various LDS-oriented Facebook Groups such as, “LDS Midsingles of the World,” plus on several wards’ email lists. The answers are a bit skewed due to the large number of singles that responded, but that only helps provide a greater insight into the challenges of the singles.I asked the two questions above in order to dispel the myth that singles don’t want to get married, and/or that they are intentionally postponing marriage.

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So you feel isolated and sometimes even ostracized.

I have never known what it even feels like to be a part of a complete family since I grew up in a single-parent home.244 written responses were given. The answers provided below were the “every third response” in the spreadsheet, and not selected for content.

Within the culture, however, women with career ambitions are less attractive. Currently it seems finances and not being able to be on their own or know how to be on their own is an issue.

Our maturity is stunted because we don’t have open conversations about sex and relationships. I also think maybe not knowing how to break the single’s scene cycle might factor in, ie group dates, big activities, etc., to actually date and get to know someone.

Single and married members of the Church see the challenges facing singles in a very different way.

In a survey of Church members, singles overwhelmingly provided a few very specific answers, while the married respondents only mentioned those issues a few times, while giving very different responses.As a result, the women become more and more accomplished and therefore more and more intimidating and ultimately not the sweet, young thing the 20 year old had in mind as the “perfect” lds girl Hard to pinpoint just one, but I guess I’d say the biggest challenge is finding someone whose goals, interests, life experience, and maturity match one’s own – and who simultaneously feels the same way – especially given the unprecedented level of freedom and opportunity enjoyed in our society (for better or for worse, freedom and opportunity make singleness less onerous and also has a tendency to promote individual diversity at the expense of this “sameness” which I think is so critical).It’s easy for those who do not marry young to keep looking for what they think is the “perfect spouse”.If, for example, you’ve already waited til your mid-to late twenties because you couldn’t find the right person, you’re more likely to pass up opportunities to build a life with someone who is good, but not perfect.The greatest challenge is finding peers to date i.e.More people are putting it off until college is done.

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