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Serial numbers tend to be stamped or written somewhere on the headstock or neck joint of the guitar.On some acoustic guitars, the serial number is on the inside of the sound hole.

Any information anyone has or if you can direct me to somewhere/someone that may have this information I would greatly appreciate it.A vintage Guild is an American guitar with an American guitar story.The Guild Company has lived the gamut of human experience.Thanks Trying to determine the year of manufacture for this guitar. I've looked at numerous sites for dating Guilds but can't find this number anywhere. Can anybody help with either the serial number or tell me how to find the model number?: : Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones I own a guild guitar serial # BL100099, can anyone help me in identifying what year and model it is called. Thanks Why it is impossible to find quide for serial numbers for Guild Guitars made in Corona, CA (2000-2005). Could enybody tel me serial number 311299794 belonging to Guild D-50?Thank you Newt : : Is the a link to a site where I can find guild guitar serial numbers, especially the old ones I have a 2003 or 2004 D50-CE serial number CVP000138. Thanks, Dean "Could enybody tel me serial number 311299794 belonging to Guild D-50? : Thanks, I have a Guild X-500 'Stuart' guitar, Serial number DA 255.

" Dean, were you ever able to find a way to decipher this number? Can you tell me what year it was made and about what it is worth??Aside from the general problems you're likely to find on any vintage acoustic (like finish overspray or re-spray, cracks and high action), Guilds tend to crack in the tops from shrinking pick guards, so make sure to inspect the top for any evidence of a crack repair and overspray.The body binding and fingerboard binding on high-end models can shrink and crack.Thanks Ray Johnson N.texas answer this site or call cell 940-393-0890 please leave message if no answer My Guild, which i love very much has a serial number that goes like this: DB107587 Can you tell me when/where it was manufactured?It's in 'good' condition, do you have any idea what it may be worth now? Hi, My wife has asked me to sell her Guild 12-string guitar, serial #FJ100124. Since the serial# is not listed, I am at a loss to determine its value.It was created, went through a strong but turbulent adolescence, experienced marriage, blended families, loss and rebirth.

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