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(athletic build ) I like to dress up in suites and also jeans!

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Register for an Elite Speed Dating event to experience the amazing results for yourself.All information is kept completely anonymous to maximize honesty.This valuable information is then shared with participants the next day when they receive their matches.Participants can then use this information to know what areas are their strong suits and where they can use some improvements.Premium Membership: Elite Speed Dating lives up to its name by keeping track of singles that have the highest Request Rating and offering them a free Premium Membership, which entitles them to come to invitation-only premium events as well as select other Elite Speed Dating events free of charge.I'm the type of girl who can be so hurt but still look at you & smile.

The type of lady who is willing to brighten your day even if i cant brighten my own. and A Great Relationship Happens When Two People Who Truly Passionate individual who sees the beauty in what nature has to offer and enjoys the simple aspects of life.

How It Works During the evening, your host will invite you to meet 6 to 10 like-minded, attractive singles in the intimacy of your own private booth, so you can fully enjoy your date.

Furthermore, you will be assigned a matchbook where you will write:• the name of the person you're meeting;• if you want to see that person again;• feedback on the date you just had.

If there is no Match, then the contact details shall remain private.

This protects the privacy of Requests that do not result in Matches.

Elite Speed Dating events create meeting opportunities with attractive, intelligent, successful, like-minded Montreal singles in one unforgettable night.

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    The user interface is very customer friendly as well.

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