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By the 1860s, a Jewish community lived in Yokahama, near Tokyo, and established Japan’s first synagogue there. Though small, the community was diverse; tombstones in the town’s Jewish cemetery are inscribed in Hebrew, German, French, Russian, German and Japanese.Soon, Jewish communities sprung up in Nagasaki, Kobe and Tokyo.

Thanks to Chiune Sugihara, about 500 students, rabbis and their families left Lithuania for Kobe, Japan in 19.

Jews fleeing from pogroms in Russia made up many of these early settlers.

The Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5 pitted the navies of the Russian and Japanese Empires, as Japan sought to check Russia’s eastward territorial ambitions.

Sugihara issued approximately 6,000 visas to Jewish refugees.

He continued to issue visas until he was forced to leave his post on September 4 when his consulate was dissolved due to the impending Nazi invasion.

Here are seven fascinating facts about Jewish links with the Land of the Rising Sun.

Some of the first foreigners to sail to Japan during the Age of Exploration in the 16th and 17th centuries are thought to have been Jewish merchants and explorers in the employ of Dutch and British navies.Over 70,000 Russian soldiers were taken prisoner in Japan, including nearly 2,000 Jewish soldiers.Trumpeldor in 1917 One of these POWs was a Jewish war hero named Joseph Trumpeldor, who’d lost an arm in the war.Just then, a messenger came in and informed Sugihara that a delegation of Jews wished to speak with him.Stepping outside, Sugihara met Zerach Warhaftig, a Jewish refugee who would go on later to become a minister in the Israeli Government.Trumpeldor was raised in an assimilated family, but in his POW camp he met Jews from Poland, Lithuania, Bessarabia, Volhynia Podolia, Siberia, and other areas in Russia’s empire, and began to feel outraged at his fellow Jews’ experiences of anti-Semitism back home.

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