Dating sagittarius male

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Dating sagittarius male

They can go any distance when it comes to work, but Sagittarius men in love desire a relationship that is casual overall. He gets so caught up in the freshness of a new relationship that he delves too deep too quickly into whatever there is to know about his new partner. All his new and fresh relationships reach a plateau where the exploration is over and there is nothing else for him to chase.

The minds of these silent lambs are as lively and animated as their noisy twins, and they too love even the idea of an adventure. If you are an exercise lover, trying your hand at yoga, aerobics, karate or similar things, a Sag somewhere is definitely falling for you. A list to say the least There is a list of ‘don’ts’ when it comes to loving a Sagittarius man.He will not tell you as yet but he already has a few conquests scored on his bedpost!He is self-confident and open-minded and that will make him try almost every avenue, position, and accessory ever made to keep the fire burning bright.In reality, he is what I like to call a ‘woman detector’: one who can see through a woman’s soul! Just amaze him with your deep understanding of life and, more importantly, give him a tough time when debating on issues!Whether your archer is the quiet kind (which is super rare!“Not all those who wander are lost,” said Tolkien about a Sagittarius man! A Sagittarius man in love will want his partner to be of strong character in her own right because only then can she keep a hold on her archer.

A gypsy and an eternal explorer, he applies these qualities to his love life too; a Sagittarius man in love dreams of a mate who will set him free. Specific desirable qualities in a woman are difficult to pin down because he has a multi-layered personality that he masks well with a happy-go-lucky attitude.

Nagging is the last thing that your Sagittarius man will tolerate. Frankenstein’s monster Forget about whatever I told you and control the dude. Skills like compromise, sacrifice, showing gratitude that are essential to keep any relationship intact are not natural to your Sag.

If there is something on your mind that you want to tell him, just say it to his face. It will take some time for him to learn that the word “No” also applies to him.

A Sagittarius man in love will put his freedom as his top priority.

They are the types who make last minute plans, cancelling on something already in the cards because some new plans sound more fun. A Sagittarius man in love gets bored real fast and hence, your relationship with him can run out of steam quickly!

This half-human half-centaur does not mind letting the rider control in between the sheets! A Sagittarius in love is playful and flirtatious but always tries to keep the reins of the relationship in his hands.