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Our well experienced staff, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists can offer further advice if required.

Royal Berkshire Hospital contacted the John Radcliffe in Hospital in Oxford - who are the specialist neurological unit for the area.Doctors at the John Radcliffe saw the scans and insisted she was brought to them immediately.Alex had only a short time to live at this point - unless she was operated on immediately.Today Alex is back at work and the family operates as normally around the girls as they can but Alex and Lee are careful not to say that mummy is getting better.They are careful about what they say around the children - they are factual about mummy being ill and going to hospital but want to be careful about promising too much unless Lee is one day left to explain what was said and promised.Alex has since had two more operations after the tumour grew back as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Alex believes that the MRI scanners at the Royal Berkshire hospital were not working properly during that critical period - hence the delay in getting that first appointment in good time.

Patients with early pregnancy symptoms should attend their GP.

They will be asked to make a ‘Booking In’ appointment by the Receptionists for 8-10 weeks with the midwife following their last menstrual period. At 41 weeks patients are offered a vaginal examination to sweep the membranes.

This was not an 'urgent' appointment however Alex got lucky with appointments and saw the Neurologist one week later.

The Neurologist carried out some tests and was confident that it was not a 'space occupying lesion' - he said it was because her skull was probably too small for her brain at some point.

Alex was given a date for an MRI scan - for nine and half weeks later - in mid-March.

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