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The decline in international trade resulted in an increase in gold smuggling by Kuwaiti ships to India.

The Sheikhdom of Kuwait became a British protectorate in 1899 (until 1961) after the Anglo-Kuwaiti agreement of 1899 was signed between Sheikh Mubarak Al Sabah and the British government in India due to severe threats to Kuwait's independence from the Ottoman Empire.

Kuwait is a constitutional emirate with a semi-democratic political system.

It has a high income economy backed by the world's sixth largest oil reserves.

In the 1980s, Kuwait experienced a period of geopolitical instability and an economic crisis following the stock market crash. The Iraqi occupation came to an end in 1991 after military intervention by coalition forces.

At the end of the war, there were extensive efforts to revive the economy and rebuild national infrastructure.

By 1952, the country became the largest oil exporter in the Persian Gulf region.

This massive growth attracted many foreign workers, especially from Palestine, India, and Egypt - with the latter being particularly political within the context of the Arab Cold War.

As they retreated, Iraqi forces carried out a scorched earth policy by setting oil wells on fire.

approximately 375 remains were found in mass graves in Iraq.

The Kuwaiti dinar is the highest valued currency in the world.

According to the World Bank, the country has the fourth highest per capita income in the world.

Kuwait was the first of the Arab states of the Persian Gulf to establish a constitution and parliament.

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