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As Sunna Simmonardottir writes in Constructing the attached mother in the “world’s most feminist country”: …[T]he discourse on attachment has become another site for the medicalization of motherhood and maternal emotion…The role for women as mothers within attachment theory is considered to be narrow and conservative, promoting beliefs that are contrary to the interests of women.

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Why is there such a tremendous disconnect between reality and belief? Poor children and children of color face a plethora of truly life-threatening issues including hunger, lack of access to healthcare and gun the very same historical moment when infant and child health are extraordinarily good.Perinatal mortality, infant mortality, and child mortality are at historic lows.Poor children and children of color die each and every day because of these problems, but many privileged Western, white well off parents could care less.They oppose life saving free school meals, Obamacare and sensible gun regulations.There has never been a safer time or place to be an infant and small child than 2016 in industrialized countries.

Ironically, there has never been greater anxiety about the physical, emotional and intellectual status of those same infants and small children.

Yet to hear lactivists tell it, breastmilk is lifesaving and formula is deadly.

Vaccines have never been safer or more effective (as evidenced by the bottoming out of incidences of childhood diseases), but anti-vaxxers utterly ignore both medicine and history in denying the public health triumph of universal vaccination.

By promoting fear about their children’s well-being, the philosophy of natural parenting causes women to tightly regulate their behavior so it conforms with the “rules” of natural parenting and to pathologize and blame themselves when they fail in conforming to those rules.

Hence the outpouring of guilt and recrimination for epidurals, C-sections, formula feeding and other deviations from natural parenting diktat.

In contrast, attachment parents obsess about promoting “bonding” through ritualized behaviors like baby wearing.

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