Dating sites for comic book geeks

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Dating sites for comic book geeks - 100 dating sites in deutschland

The girls are summoned to investigate strange blob-like creatures that have erased the memories of select top scientists in Bora Bora.During a chase, Sam is hit by a blob as well, wiping her memory clean and rendering her useless, much to Clover and Alex's dismay.

After their attempt fails, they learn that ex-model Tuesday Tate has planned to create an army of perfect models by combining various body parts of models, including Sam, Clover and Alex. In the subplot, Mandy becomes the student court judge and puts the girls on trash duty for minor dress-code infringements.

Now it's up to the spies to stop Tuesday and save the modeling industry, and get back Clover's legs, Sam's teeth and Alex's hair. The girls go the African nation of Lyrobia to protect the queen Tassara after a strange kidnapping attempt.

In the subplot, Clover tries to win a beauty pageant for a food court. Tassara is planning to sign a peace treaty with the king of Kenyopia at Geneva.

During the closing credits of season 3–4, one of the girls is interviewed. Musician Ricky Mathis becomes an overnight sensation thanks to his song "Rock Legend." When his music causes his fans to become obsessive and destructive, Sam, Alex and Clover are called in to investigate the cause of this fanatical behavior under the guise of a supporting band. After some surfing, Corey suddenly vanishes in a pile of dust, so the girls visit Iceland to consult with the scientist there. P field test (Hephaestus is Jerry in disguise, while Corey is just a pimply guy named Morey).

When Clover is enchanted by Ricky's music, Sam and Alex investigate the recording studio and discover they are using special glowing CDs that brainwash listeners. Their happiness is short-lived when Mac's generous gifts turn out to be death traps! Returning to Hawaii, the girls discover that a madman called Hephaestus, a scientist whose face was disfigured by volcanic magma, is planning to make the volcanoes of the world erupt simultaneously. But they soon get pulled into a real emergency the volcano erupts for real.

Clover and Alex soon discover the Vladimir Kozirev, a toymaker from the 1970's, plans to make all adults of the world act like children to bring back his favorite doll, the "Little Ann".

In the subplot, Clover tries to impress a senior named Rick by acting more mature by wearing business-women clothes.

To make things worse, Clover and Alex also have to deal with Mandy, who thinks Sam is her best friend after Sam had saved her hair from getting trapped in a pottery wheel.

Sam, Clover and Alex fight to save their spy careers after being framed of committing a bank robbery in Phoenix.

Fed up of Jerry's butting in to their personal lives and treating them like children, the girls are happy to see the young Mac Smit takes over as the head of W. When they end up in the middle of another kidnapping, they follow the criminal through a strange portal – transporting them back to the year 1136.

The knight reveals to be a Malibu teen who wants to become the leader of the world by using his modern technology to overthrow the benevolent king of the period, and takes Clover as his queen.

Sam, Clover and Alex are sent undercover as sophisticated scholars to investigate the kidnappings of Nobel Prize winners at a conference in Paris.

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