Dating sites for pot heads

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Dating sites for pot heads - Naked sex chat mobile

Potheads were like Harold & Kumar, Bob Marley and Willie Nelson: fun, but not someone you could take seriously. In the end, I stopped caring since there was a lot more to him than just his past with pot.

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Pot proponents often argue that marijuana is healthier than alcohol and nicotine since it's all natural and supposedly non-addictive. They're amusing at first, but they get old if they're the only funny thing you can talk about., a 420 friendly dating site built by stoners for stoners.Meet thousands of real singles from around the world who love marijuana and live the 420 lifestyle.Then again, the idea has probably been kicking around for some time.It just took the creators a while to get off the couch and actually build it.That doesn't mean they won't suffer a few inconvenient side effects, which include a lower sperm count, a faster aging process, and depression from emotional withdrawal.8. If your guy or gal doesn't know how to have fun or even be funny without weed, you might want to look elsewhere.

Dating sites are big business, so the only surprise about a new site that caters specifically to pot smokers, Pot, is that it took this long for someone to create it.Now you don't have to worry that that girl you just met down at the falafel shop might harsh your mellow when you bust out your whittled out apple and start burning trees.The only downside is that by meeting someone who smokes as much pot as you, you might not expand your horizons that much.On a related note, while Your Tango does not condone illegal activity, we will recommend consulting your pot-smoking boyfriend if you ever feel like trying it out.You should not attempt to get high for the first time without an experienced person present.5. Or if he's a jerk, he might sneak you some or make you feel like a total prude for not wanting to smoke up.If he or she can't respect your choices or he makes you feel guilty about them, move on.

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