Dating too soon after divorce with children

15-Apr-2016 07:42 by 5 Comments

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The thing about giving advice is that everyone thinks they can do it, and when they think they will get their name plastered over a newspaper, magazine or website they are even more keen.

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We do not charge a penny to anyone who is coming here hoping to work for us but we do ask that they do not waste out timeapplying for this job if they are not suitable for it.

That they are lonely because although they have lots of friends they have not thought of contacting them or inviting them.

Ridiculous And this comes from a so called hepful website which has cost a lot of money and taken a lot of time to put together.

They are not drawn to selling advice because they are skint and cannot think of other ways to make money nor for an ego boost to show off to their friends because they feel inadequate.

Sadly we have come across a lot of people who are not as genuine as this.

You could say that if they are not bright enough to advise others they are not bright enough to realise this and need me to point it out. Yet you could tell by the way they contacted me and the things they said that they knew they were inadequate. Because they tell me that they cannot get a job, they were fired from Mc Donalds for being inadequate and slow and turning up late all the time, they want a job that pays a lot more than that but where they can work from home and feel important. Wanting to fill the blanks when nothing is being said.

Not one word about being a capable person, not one word about caring for others, it is all about them. It does not mean that they value your opinion or want to hear it.

When a person works along as an agony aunt or advice columnist you get the same sort of daft advice more often.

If a person says their doctor does not understand them the so called advisor says they should change their doctor.

So if yhourf life is not sorted, if you have trouble in geting jobs and paying the bills and are not goode at reading and writing we think you would be wasting our time.

Our clients have unsorted lives and need advice on how to get a job or pay the bills, not our staff.

In which case we are not sure why they are thinking they will get a far better job at a much higherwage here.