Dating why women like bad boys

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Dating why women like bad boys

She and the girls she’s with have looked his way a couple of times, but he’s hesitant about approaching her because she’s beautiful and he’s not sure she’d be interested in a guy like him.He eventually works up the courage to approach her and he puts on a confident “front” by coming out with a line he read on a website forum somewhere, The woman could have rejected him then and there for using such a cheesy line on her, but being nice (as many women are) she gives him the benefit of the doubt and answers with a smile. She wants to meet a guy who will make her feel sexual attraction with his personality and be able to connect with her on interesting levels.

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In fact, the weakness of men is a sexual turn off for women, whereas the strength is what turns women on.A bad boy does make a woman feel a lot of attraction because of his masculine confidence and attitude, but that isn’t what women ultimately want.What a woman really wants is to be able to find a real man.In other words, a good guy who can also trigger feelings of intense attraction inside of her. If you could, you would probably like to have sex with some bad girls (e.g. However, if you’re not that good at attracting women, then it’s usually going to be next to impossible for you to get a chance with a girl like that.Yet, if you could have sex with her, you probably would right?The difference for women who hook up with bad boys is that it’s a lot easier for a woman to get laid because all she has to do is consent to it and the majority of men will have sex with her, at least once anyway.

So, if she meets a bad boy and he turns her on, it’s easy for her to say yes to having sex with him and go along with it.Short, fat, bald, of any racial background, no job, good job, no car, nice car and so on. He knows how to engage a woman in interesting conversation, he knows how to flirt and build sexual tension and he knows how to escalate a conversation into a kiss, a date or sex.When a woman meets a guy who is nervous about approaching her, nervous about talking to her and nervous about escalating the conversation further, she is turned off because she feels mentally and emotionally stronger than him, which makes it difficult, if not impossible (for many women) for her to feel strong sexual attraction.However, if a nice guy who lacks confidence around hot women (i.e.that’s probably you if you’re reading this article) meets a hot, bad girl, then he’s rarely going to be able to make her feel enough attraction to get to her to feel interested in having sex.The truth of the matter is that women don’t want a bad boy, they just want a man who is mentally and emotionally stronger than them.