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They met when Dean Sheremet was touring with Le Ann as her back up dancer.

Le Ann Rimes, who was born as Margaret Le Ann Rimes but is better known under her stage name, is a famous singer known for her vocal range.After that there was another successful record entitled You Light Up My Life: Inspirational Songs.The star has won many music awards including the famous Billboard Music Award as well as the American Music Award.Swift stated on The Oprah Winfrey Show (1986) that she wanted to be a country singer after attending Rimes' concert.By age 2, she learned to tap dance; by age 5 she was winning talent competitions; by age 7 she had cut her first album, sold at shows; and by age 14, she was the youngest artist to be nominated for the Country Music Awards.Contrary to claims, Cline was not the inspiration for the song.

According to Mack in a 2011 interview for, he wrote "Blue" in 1956 while strumming his guitar and the words and lyrics just came to him; his wife thought it sounded great so he recorded it as his 1958 single.Le Ann Rimes is reportedly planning to get married on February 23.Rimes met dancer Dean Sheremet last May, when they performed at the Academy Of Country Music Awards in Nashville.Since the beginning of her career, Le Ann Rimes has released a total of 40 singles, most of which have reached top positions in the charts in the US as well as internationally.She has sold a total of 37 million albums worldwide and about 20 million albums in the US.A couple of years into their marriage rumors started circulating that Dean was having an affair.