Discreat dating

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No more hours of chatting, waiting for replies and plans that never lead anywhere.It’s all about real dates right now, and making real-life connections.

These users can be tagged as ' Date' and/or ' Down'.Singles to start flirting, dating or even even falling in love with. Online Discreet Dating is for many types of people, men and women, guys and girls, that are straight, gay, lesbian and of any religion; Anglican, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Christian,and Asian dating etc.It doesn't matter if you are German, American, French, Canadian, Portuguese, British, Italian, Spanish,etc. If you're married, have a wife, or don't want relatives to find out we're coming out with a secret dating app very soon so keep checking in, it'll be free for Android users.It is "non intrusive" because users that are not into dating will never hear about it.Tagged users do not get notified at all unless they reciprocaly tagged the one who tagged them.Tagging a user as ' Date' means that you would like to date that user while tagging a user as ' Down' means you would go down (have sex) with that user.

This dating application is a "non intrusive" dating layer that can be discrteetly added to any existing Community Builder, Jomsocial or Easy Social communities where members have a location, a gender and an age set.

The ' Candidates' list can be filtered by gender (even if preset list shows according to user gender and if field exist, Sexual Orientation) , age range, distance, default avatar etc...

It can be searched and sorted by username, distance , age.

The app does not contain any kind of nude photos or any type of nudity.

If you are looking to hook up with friends for a glass of wine or a bottle of beer! Invite other adults, speed dating friends, Facebook friends or Twitter followers looking for a relationship, not just sex!

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