Economic recession dating

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Economic recession dating - top fifty 100 dating sites

Pi is typically used for calculating the area (π x radius squared) or circumference (π x diameter) of a circle.Pi has an infinite number of decimal places, and fascinates mathematicians in calculating pi itself, and memory experts too in memorizing as much of it as possible.

During the 1940s the expression "sixty-four dollar question" became popular in the US referring to a very challenging question.If you can't find a term try the search box at the top of the page.There are many other subjects covered on this website aside from these dictionary definitions.The show relaunched on radio in 1950 as "The Question" and ran for two more years.Reflecting inflation, and more notably the growing power of commercial TV, the show's next relaunch was in 1955 as "The ,000 Question".13 - The most superstitious number, 13 affects business in surprising ways through absenteeism, cancellations, and design.

Western airlines, for example, tend not to have seats and rows numbered 13. Friday and the number 13 derive their superstitious reputations mostly from Christian beliefs and Norse folklore.

Also known as the Golden Section, Divine Proportion, and phi (pronounced 'fy' as in the word 'fly') the twenty-first letter of the Greek alphabet.

Also loosely referred to as Golden Ratio (1:1.618).

4/4 - Four beats to the bar, the most common rhythm in music.

- A UK environmental campaign that asks businesses, organisations and individuals to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in the year 2010.

The expression adapted accordingly and has endured and spread, despite the short life of the new 1955 TV show and a couple of subsequent relaunch attempts and name variations.

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