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.*bites lip** * * * * * * * * * Chapter 1 * * * * * * * * * *A brown haired girl dipped her finger into the white icing and left a large empty hole in the middle of the desert."Mmm. ." she commented, licking her finger clean, and ate the last bite of her second plate of food. Her light and fluffy purple skirt twirled around her as she turned to congratulate her sister."Oh Buffy, thank you," Dawn gushed, kissed Buffy's cheeks, "This is the happiest day of my life." She announced, smiling at Carlos, then turned back to Buffy. " Dawn teased, "You're all with being faithful to him, and he doesn't even give you the time of day."Her jaw dropped, "What?! She really deserves someone who'll be good to her.""When the time comes, my love." he took her hand and kissed it. .*Please* do not tell me I just whapped *him* on the head. I am *so* sorry," she began, "Here, let me help you." She reached for his arm and helped him up, enjoying the feel of him."It's ok, pet.""Are you alright? "Jerks," Buffy muttered, "Snobby, no-good bast--""You enjoying your cake? Whatever you say." Eyes twinkling, she peered over Buffy's shoulder and said, "Looks like our topic of conversation has just stepped in."With a squeak, Buffy's eyes widened and she brushed her hands through her hair once again. Once she was gone, Dawn sighed and leaned her head on her husband's shoulder, "I do hope she gets with someone soon. Nibbling on her lower lip, she ever so slowly peeked around the door and sure enough, there he was in all his bleached glory."Oh my gosh. Red-faced, Buffy pushed through them and continued on to her table.* * * * * * *The silver fork stabbed ruthlessly at the innocent piece of cake.

Later in his teens, he pursued a career in music spawning his major hit single, Pagdating ng Panahon (When the Time Comes). "Her fork dropped on her plate with a loud clatter, "What makes you think that? " A flush crept up her cheeks, "For all you know, I could be taken. Our family's recovered from having him losing his job and getting mugged," She took a sip of her coke and continued, "You know, I'm starting to think Carlos's family was right in saying our family was cursed." This brought a chuckle out of Spike, and Buffy grinned. " He winked at her and she sashayed away from their table, keeping her eyes locked with his until she slipped out of sight. I'll keep my clothes on.""Killjoy," he muttered and she laughed again."Nah. With his back to the men, Spike and Angel nudged each others shoulders, trying to get the other one out of their place. From the heap of black tuxedos, Spike jumped out from the stack and proudly presented the garter to everyone and bowed. Spike was stopped by some girls who wanted pictures with him, but he politely refused and jogged over back to Buffy's table. However, I *will* accept =constructive criticism.= But I am SO not tolerating rude remarks. He shifted his gaze to her, "Aren't you supposed to be up there with them? "He shrugged and pointed his thumb at the crowd, "Aren't you single? You know the tradition they hold with this family on those who catch them, right? So it's not *just* personality, Buffy with a pout."You sure you don't want to shove girls and rip their clothes apart like the rest of them? She laughed and scooped some icing off her plate, "No thank you. I'll just watch," And Buffy smiled as she watched her sister sit in a chair. Whistles and hoots emitted from the audience and a loud applause broke out when he held the garter in his hand. lol I listened to the story and thought it was pretty good. "I was just saying that maybe you'd want to join in the fun. ." when he saw her hold up her fork at him, he put his hands back up. This is story sprang up when I was watching this Filipino movie and my dad was trying to translate every sentence they said into English for me. I didn't mean anything of it." He calmed a bit when she sat back down and resumed eating her cake. Kultura ng bansang Hapon Mula sa Wikipedia, ang libreng encyclopedia Bahagi ng isang serye sa Ang kultura ng bansang Hapon ay lubhang lumaki sa ibabaw ng millennia, mula sa sinaunang-panahon panahon Jōmon ng bansa, sa kanyang kontemporaryong hybrid kultura, na pinagsasama ang impluwensya mula sa Asya, Europa, at Hilagang Amerika .

Ang mga naninirahan sa Japan ay nakaranas ng isang mahabang yugto ng kamag-anak paghihiwalay mula sa labas ng mundo sa panahon ng Tokugawa shogunate, hanggang sa pagdating ng "The Black ships" at ang panahon ng Meiji. " She checked her fingers for any left over icing then gasped when he pointed at her hair. You might wanna get the icing out before he sees you, babe," Carlos winked."What?Aiza Seguerra (born 17 September 1983) is a Filipino actress, singer-songwriter and guitarist. After a colorful TV stint, she penned one of the country's most memorable ditty, "Pagdating ng Panahon."2009 AIZA SEGUERRA: Live!2008 Open Arms 2007 Para Lang Sa' Yo 2004 Covers Uncovered 2003 Sabi Ng Kanta 2003 A First! Once at the door, she took a deep breath and swung it open with a grin. I was worried that I--"Their small talk was interrupted by her mother. The bouquet toss is going to start right after the garter toss! A small flower arrangement was laying next to the cake and she covered the empty spot with the roses. Little did he know, that statement would ring too true in later days. The bouquet flew over the manicured fingers and screaming ladies. Hopping up to the DJ, she grabbed his microphone and announced, "And now, the bouquet and garter catchers get to have a dance! Buffy looked around and blushed when her eyes landed on Spike's.* * * * * * *A/N: *twiddles thumbs* This was a spur of the moment kind of thing when I wrote it (As in: I kept typing away and didn't stop 'till I finished.

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