Error updating view in names nsf view is damaged

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Error updating view in names nsf view is damaged

Problems that commonly happen with the Lotus Notes client have the following symptoms: Some of these problems are caused by a PC or file server holding the Lotus Notes data files crashing unexpectedly and not being able to correctly update and close files. This application is also well suited to Domino Administrators and Customer Support staff who want to provide their users with an effective method to diagnose and fix client problems. NDK now based on file presence and version of Lotus Notes.

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= ""; @Db Lookup("":"No Cache";server:"names.nsf";"People"; Name;4); Email); @If(@Is Error(err)=err) But this is not working, I get only the error but not the email address. itz populating all the email addresses in the email field. this shud have a matchin field in the Users view rite? Your actual problem is compounded by the fact that only the last line of any formula returns a value. The first column has numerous variations of a person's name and is sorted.

To work around this issue, you can: Note: The Designer Task does not refresh the hidden view within the database, therefore it would not be advantageous to run this task on the server.

Use the server console command offered above to refresh the view on demand.

v2.0.2.3 - 22/09/2014 - Set minimum build default back to 190. - Fixed Launch to now display errors rather than quit. v2.0.1.12 - 21/09/2014 - Improved Launch by expanding the search for the location of the Lotus Notes client(s) - Added an exception handler.

- Changed command-line parameters to use /INI to define location of NOTES. - Changed command-line parameters to use /CONFIG to place Notes Repair in Configuration Mode.

The error message "Document has been deleted" has also been observed: If a large number of users are reporting the issue, it could be the result of using an Organizational Policy.

However, if only a few users are reporting the issue, this could indicate use of an Explicit Policy.Once registration has been accepted you will need t... I have an employee info form that has fields Employee No, Employee Name & Employee Email Address.When registered a new employee info, I am not able to get Email address ( from the Domino Directory names.nsf), the employee name from the form has to match with the name in directory and bring the mail address.Please help me as am new to Lotus notes :( I tried this formula..Email address field...My requirement is bring the email address of the name matching with the employee name registerd from the domino directory, if email addr not exist, display error. Your second to last line does the @DBlookup, but it does not return the value or assign the result to a field that can be returned later. The email address is available in column 8, so something like this might work: result := @Db Lookup(""; server_name:"names.nsf"; "($Users)"; name_to_match; 8; [Fail Silent]); With [Fail Silent] result will be "" if there is an error or no match. So, combining Mark's approach with your formula and re-arranging the code a little while addressing your comment: 1.

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