European research business speed dating

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As a special treat, we invited David Murray-Hundley who is also known as ‘The Grumpy Entrepreneur‘.

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You’ll also have an opportunity to explain what your business does through the ‘Time for Introduction‘ session, thus, more participants will know about you product or services.

– leading invoice and asset-based lender, which over two decades has helped thousands of businesses achieve stability and growth.

It provides robust, reliable and responsive funding solutions for businesses from start right up to large scale.

In the three locations, visitors will be able to meet the researchers who took part in these scientific achievements through face-to-face “speed-dating” discussions.

“With Origins 2013, we want to celebrate the thousands of researchers who, through their work at frontier scientific instruments such as the LHC and Planck, are contributing to deepen our understanding of the origin of the Universe providing a new picture of its early moments”, said Sergio Bertolucci, CERN’s Director for Research and Computing, who will open the CERN event on Friday with Mark Mc Caughrean, Head of ESA’s Research and Scientific Support Department, and, in a videoconference connection with Paris, with Gretchen Kalonji, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences and Fernando Doblas, Head of ESA’s Communications Department.

What do particle physics, astrophysics and space research have in common?

They all address fundamental questions that link to our origins: from the origin of matter to the origin of the Universe.

– EU funded programme which is designed to encourage cross-border collaboration, helping SMEs to make the most of the European marketplace and fostering international business, technology and research collaboration.

EEN is comprised of 600 local business organisations in more than 63 countries.

EMUNI’s role in the project consists of organisation and implementation of outreach events on campuses in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

Next Tuesday we run “Funders & Founders: Speed ‘Dating’ & Networking Party” and this event is different from all we hosted so far.

In the past months, the Large Hadron Collider, with the discovery of a Higgs boson, and the Planck satellite, with the release of the most precise picture of the very early Universe, have achieved major scientific breakthroughs.

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