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Parents Creating Personality Traits For Their Children Ever since my sister and I were small children, our parents have imposed personality traits upon us. Why Do People Ask Questions They Already Know The Answer To? I have a feeling this won't be easy to answer without lots of detail but here goes.

Yes, filling out a "simple" form, be it employment … Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-iii Not rated yet I had to take the Millon test a second time because the psychologist I saw said that I had too many false answers. Subjects Needed To Study Psychology Not rated yet Hey Michael here, I am currently at the point where I have to decide what subjects I would like to do for my leaving cert and I have made it my goal to …

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The child voice goes with child/baby/sweet behavior and the grown …

Psychology Multiple Choice Questions Not rated yet1.

Predetermined Adult Character Traits by age 7 Not rated yet My overinflated/egotistical boss said today that there have been millions of studies done that show most children by the age of 7 are already predetermined …

Developmental Psychology Question Not rated yet What are four factors effecting the social and emotional well being of children?

Is there a link between sexual activity and bullying. Not rated yet My wife had been having memory issues. Strange Involuntary Reaction Not rated yet Every time someone's angry or someone's shouting, even if it isn't directed at me, I shiver. Not rated yet Quite frequently when I read, I'll run into certain abstract words that I can't seem to "understand." On some level I know the meanings of the words, and … The Effects of Stress on The Human Body Not rated yet I was a psychology major in the 1960s.

Not rated yet The woman that I live with who is now my wife, is very strong minded to the extent that it verges on bullying. She had what was called a psychotic event where she got lost and was missing for 36 hrs. Designing Questions To Predict Future Behavior Not rated yet I've recently become aware (probably from reading Malcolm Gladwell) that psychologists and/or sociologists have long known that, if you want to find out … It's always happened, as far back as I can remember. Psychoanalysis As A Sociocultural Movement Not rated yet I have the impression that the first and second generation of psychoanalysts had political aims. One of the textbooks I used discussed the effects of stress on the human body. Conversations Without Shared Context Not rated yet My mother, now in her eighties, has always had one odd characteristic, becoming somewhat more common lately. Multiple Personality Disorder Question Not rated yet First of all apologies for knowing very little about psychology so my question may be a stupid one. Study Options For Child Psychology Not rated yet Hi I'm taking my GCSE options in a few weeks and was wondering what I should take to give me the best chance of becoming a child psychologist? Psychology Underpinning Behavior Not rated yet What would be the reason why an adult daughter of 43 years would continually do some kind of small damage in her moms home when no one can see her do it? Biological Psychology Questions (Brain Function) Not rated yet How does the brain work when studying for an exam?

So don't be shy, if you have a psychology related question, ask away and if you think you can answer any of the questions posted here, please do so.

HOW IT WORKS Getting involved in Psychology Q & A couldn't be easier.

Is it factors such as attachment, stimulation and nurturing relationships? Is This A Psychology Question Not rated yet I can't watch anyone getting embarrassed or do something stupid. My mum dosen't mind when people make a fool of themselves …

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