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Whenever she hints at her crush to him, he either misinterprets the comment as platonic or gets confused.Either way he never gives Isabella what she wants: to spend quality time alone with him.

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He is shown to not be nervous whenever Isabella asks him to go anywhere with her, and does not seem to be surprised when she hugs or taps him, like when she hugs him from behind or when she momentarily tries to rest her hand on his shoulder.

Phineas can be seen to believe that Isabella is very cute, to the point of having to recalibrate his "Cute Tracker" to keep it from confusing Isabella for Meap.

Phineas has also shown concern for Isabella's safety and rescued her on occasion.

The two eventually sat down and talked through it together, where Isabella finally sheepishly admitted to Phineas himself that she did indeed have a crush on him in grade school.

He in turn admitted that he had a crush on her too, ever since high school.

However, he often showed signs that he liked her as more than a friend, much like she does for him.

He sees love from a formulaic point of view, trying to recreate it like one of his projects and not truly understanding what it means.("Act Your Age") Phineas' feelings for Isabella initially were somewhat unclear, but towards the end of the show's runtime, it is shown that Phineas actually harbored romantic feelings for her.At a young age, Phineas often seemed oblivious to Isabella's feelings.Phineas sometimes appears to be bored while going over the Big Ideas, but when he talks with Isabella, he seems happier ("One Good Scare Ought to Do It! On his birthday Phineas states that he enjoys being around the people he loves while he says this a tear runs down Isabella's face.This may mean that Phineas may like her now as more than a friend ("Phineas' Birthday Clip-O-Rama! However considering the ambiguity of his usage of "love" it may only mean that he enjoys being with his closest friends ("The Chronicles of Meap", "Gaming the System", "Hide and Seek", "The Beak", "Oh, There You Are, Perry", "Phineas and Ferb Summer Belongs to You! There are many small points where Phineas shows (or it seems so) affection towards Isabella.Isabella also jumps to Phineas's defense when he is in danger or insulted.

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