Fun dating ideas for winter

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Fun dating ideas for winter - dating in afghanistan

It was obviously a little silly, but it was a lot of fun and completely laid back.

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So one year my boyfriend and I did a mad dash at Target.It became a game of who could end up with the best present for in under an hour. We drank crappy coffee, ran around finding the decorated trees in NYC, and he even ran in circles in a revolving door.We ended the night with ice skating at Rockefeller Center.L’Apicio hosts the annual Bloody Mary-off on Saturday, February 7th.They’ll be serving Bloody Marys and breakfast-time snacks from 18 of the best New York brunch spots, including Booker and Dax, Bar Primi, and Atrium Dumbo.Bonus: they’re doing a special day-after-Valentine’s brunch on February 15th in case you're in need of Bloody Mary-soaked, you-screwed-up-Valentine's-Day redemption. There’s something so much more secretive and alluring about checking out a museum at 3am than at 3pm, plus it would make a pretty showstopping surprise, go get a little boozy at a bar in Midtown, then walk your date to the Mo MA without explanation. Some may consider an unheated rooftop bar inhospitable in winter months, but I like to think of outdoor drinking in sub-freezing temperatures as a personal challenge.

For the final weekend of the Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs show, Mo MA is staying open all... Spyglass has been regularly offering some obscenely good mulled cider specials to help warm you up, and truth be told, the bar itself is actually completely enclosed, so the outdoor drinking part is thoroughly optional.Sneak a flask full of rum swizzles in for a tiny tropical vacation.Going stargazing is supposed to be super romantic and everything, but it’s kind of hard to make out anything but the air traffic out of JFK in the Manhattan night sky.On Sunday, February 8th, check out Ayza’s wine and chocolate tasting, championed by a sommelier who’ll lead you through three wine and chocolate pairings. Straight, gay, ladies, gents, whatever: everybody is down for a little burlesque show.They’re the non-exploitative, totally okay version of taking your date to see some strippers.), Escape the Art Studio is considered fun and challenging, but very solvable -- just in case you’re not into paying for the privilege of getting frustrated for an hour.

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