Gridview fired event rowupdating

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Gridview fired event rowupdating - who is may anderson dating

here is an example: Private Sub Grid View6_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Data Bind() End Sub Private Sub Grid View6_Row Deleting(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

Close() End Sub Do you have a Data Source ID= in your Grid View definition of you aspx page?

Connection String Dim SQLCmd Select As New Sql Command("sp_Select Order History", SQLCon) SQLCmd Select. Stored Procedure Dim da As New Sql Data Adapter(SQLCmd Select) Dim ds As New Data Set() SQLCon.

Add With Value("Profile Id", Session("Profile ID")) SQLCmd Select. Add With Value("Student Id", int Student Id) SQLCmd Select. Fill(ds, "Order History") Dim table As New Data Table table = ds. Or is there a way to force it to use the SQLData Source that's defined in the gridview? you do that in the Row Editing event, set Grid View1. New Edit Index, and then bind your datasource again.

Obviously I'm missing something in my code when the new order is created.

" End Sub Protected Sub Sub Show History(By Val int Student Id As String) Dim SQLCon As New Sql Connection SQLCon.

And no, the data isn't always loaded through Sub Show History, it uses the SQLData Source on initial load. How do I go about making a Row Editing event to handle the Edit please?

Do you always load the data through I do have a Data Source Id in the Gridview definition on the aspx page. but I'm not sure how to fix it, b/c it's working on initial load, but not when Sub Show History is called. When Sub Show History fires, the Edit command fails.It pulls the Student Id from a hidden field on page load. Execute Non Query() 'close the connection My Connection. I have a link button that ADDS AN ORDER when clicked. Add With Value("@Profile Id", Session("Profile Id")) SQLCmd Insert. Add With Value("@Student Id", Hidden Field Student Id. Handle Event(Event Args e, Boolean causes Validation, String validation Group) 611 System. Raise Post Back Event(String event Argument) 205 System. With thanks to Azim for helping me previously I near have a near full functioning form. However upon applying the Edit, Update Cancel I get the following.

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