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Many times in my life I have thought to myself, "I just want to be normal"! If you do not know what is happening and why, your self esteem can suffer and you can become paralyzed. When only 2% or less of the population can think the way that you do, you DO feel different and if you do not know why, it can be hard to find your way.I felt so often unhappy, isolated and misunderstood. It may be that the way you need to steer your "boat" is much different than the way most others do it.

This will be an adventure and an exploration for me as I share with you what I am discovering that is true for me. "people with a high iq often find themselves a little lonely among people who just don't think in the same ways.It is easy and convenient to find your love on the net because of its free means. Dry sense of course they dont believe that claim to get. Similar concerns were expressed in Roeper Review's special section on highly gifted students (Powell & Haden, 1984; Roedell, 1984). A list of these difficulties includes "different adjustment problems than the average child" (Barbe & Renzulli, 1975); "difficulty communicating effectively" and "Sense of size and physical inferiority" (Gallagher, 1975; Roedell 1984); "finding it difficult to relate to their agemates" (Tannenbaum, 1983); "confusing peers" (Powell & Haden, 1984); and "isolation and alienation" (Newland, 1976; Roedell, 1984).High iq dating site In other words, they should not enter credit card information, check the home address and telephone number.It does not determine your wealth or your happiness.

It does not make your life easier and it does present many challenges, especially if you don't know why you are different. This is why I want to help others who are also dealing with having a high IQ.

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I recently found out that I have a very high IQ: high enough to qualify for Mensa, the international high IQ society. I am relieved because I have always felt "different" and actually thought that there might be something "wrong" with me.

Just because you have a high IQ, it does not mean that you will be rich or famous, or even happy.

D.) Assistant Director of the Early Entrance Program, Kristi Marwood (S. Robinson (Ph D.) Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.