Hill dating james scott

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The wedding was officiated by author, psychic, and hypnotherapist Tara Sutphen.Then Bethany Joy Lenz played responsible and pragmatic Haley on "One Tree Hill." The best friend of Lucas Scott and future love interest of his half brother Nathan, Haley found herself in the middle of more than a few love triangles during the show.

Nathan soon realizes that he failed Jamie by not being there for his soap box derby; this then prompts Nathan to get his life back to what it used to be. When Haley fires Carrie because she doesn't like the growing bond, Jamie tells her he hates her and he wishes Carrie was his real mom.

She eventually got married -– while still in high school -– had two children and by the series finale was happily balancing her budding music career with family life in Tree Hill.

Now After the show wrapped, Lenz took a page from her character’s book, got married and had a daughter named Maria Rose before eventually divorcing her husband in 2012.

His parents soon found out that Jamie would only settle for rap music, much to Nathan's happiness.

Haley and Nathan also invited Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott to be his godparents, which they happily accepted.

With this in mind, Lucas accepted a coaching assistant position for Nathan's college basketball team so he can be to Jamie what his Uncle Keith was to him, which Haley was more than pleased about.

Jamie was raised for the first years of his life by his father, mother and uncle whilst they go to college.This news pushed Nathan to win the High School State Championship.Trying to get the best start to her child's life, Haley played Jamie classical music whilst pregnant, but unknown to her, Nathan played rap music to his child when she fell asleep, possibly relating to Jamie's love of hip-hop and rap music in his childhood.All of Nathan and Haley's friends are close to Jamie and he sees them all as aunts and uncles.Jamie has a great adoration of his father and aspires to be like him, which is something that often inspires Nathan to do his best.After touring with artists like Michelle Branch and Gavin De Graw, Lenz went back to acting, booking a guest role on "Dexter" –- she had the misfortune of being Dexter’s neighbor during the eighth season of the show.

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