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It has been our experience that ICPC offices can deny or delay approval of an adoption when a home study is NOT completed by a licensed child-placing agency. If you use American Adoptions for your home study services, your home study will take an average of four to six weeks to complete, depending on your state of residence. Through ICPC, each state reviews all adoption paperwork and supporting documents to make sure it is in proper order. You should begin your home study process as soon as you are ready to begin the adoption process.

American Adoptions' goal is to make the home study process as easy and relaxing as possible. We offer adoption home study services for domestic adoptions, embryo adoptions and international adoptions, except those between the U. We work with families across the United States and continually see the poor service some endure with home studies.

A home study may need to be amended if your adoption plan changes during your wait. For example, American Adoptions requires home studies be current within one calendar year, meaning that a home study is good for 12 months and then will require an update.

For instance, if you decide to open yourself to additional race combinations, your home study will need to be amended to reflect that. American Adoptions requires yearly updates to adhere to most states' and countries' policies.

In addition, probation reports, court documents, counseling reports and evaluations will also be required.

The home study procedure will be suspended until the requisite documents are received in our office.

The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) accepts American Adoptions' home studies across the United States.

This often means an increased waiting period to receive a child and could double your costs.A physician's health form also asks the doctor if, based on his or her knowledge, you have a normal life expectancy.American Adoptions can request additional medical and/or psychiatric information as necessary to complete the home study. What happens if I have a DUI or other criminal background? If you have ever been arrested, the incident is likely on record.Due to confidentiality, American Adoptions can only discuss the issue with the person who has the record.In addition to the dissemination report, additional documentation may be required, depending on the contents of the arrest record. Although an embryo adoption home study is virtually identical to a traditional domestic adoption home study, some embryo adoption providers require extra steps or paperwork. Most medical conditions are not prohibitive for adoptive families as long as you are under a physician's care.

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