Indian parents on dating

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Traditional Indian elders are very taboo about dating, sexuality, and public displays of affection - especially before marriage.

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A lot of Indian families have a closeness that Western families do not have - whether it is by living together in joint families, or celebrating one of the many Indian holidays together - a sense of constant "togetherness".However, oftentimes, along with that closeness comes co-dependence and Indian parents can be so involved in their child's life that they can project their own hopes and dreams onto their child - and the child is raised to please, instead of make their own choices first.Duty and obligation to one's family is strived for in traditional Indian families.Even if the wife intends to continue working, it is widely thought that the Indian guy must "stand on his own two feet" and be able to financially support his wife.So, before being deemed "marriageable", he'd have to at least be working for a year or so.I know from experience - "girlfriend" status (as a foreigner) - can be treated by some as no better than dirt on the road!

The best way to tell Indian parents is to first tell that you have "a foreign friend".

That way the parents are alerted of your existence and have their radar up.

That way, when you're finally ready to tell the parents that you intend to marry, you can say, "I've known this person for ___ long". And FYI..though many things are not spoken about openly... The worst thing you can do is say "I have a girlfriend" and leave it at that. Watch out for all the emotional blackmail coming your way ("You're the reason why I have high blood pressure" etc.) Once you're financially secure, tell them you "intend to marry" your foreign partner.

In Western culture, secrets are seen as being something to be embarrassed of.

In traditional Indian culture, it's a norm, because there is so much that cannot be expressed openly.

Many foreign partners do not understand this process and can get very impatient.