Intimidating shout bandage macro

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Intimidating shout bandage macro - dating advice holiday gift advice

It checks to make sure your target is alive and hostile, and will also not activate the trinkets if you do not have a Shield already equipped.If you do not, it will equip the Shield, so you can simply double-click it.

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Charge/Intercept - (Battle Stance Bar) Note, if you are out of range the charge will fail, but it will still pop bloodrage and zerker stance.

it's like commiting suicide Not really, its like getting two instant attacks, and the only time I'm rage starved is when I'm being kited, in which case I'm not in a position to sue execute anyway.

Having said that I have to agree that it would be a bad idea to use it on a Sudden death proc, but if you're target is at 20% it often provides the little extra dmg needed to make the kill.

one use for each - it assumes you have imp zerker rage for the rage boost tho zerker rage also generates extra rage when taking damage so its great to keep it up if not needed for fears...

Hi y'all, Came across this today (searched/didn't see posted), been looking for something like this for quite awhile now. Weapon swaps Stance dances Charge/Intercept/Intervene Pv P / DPS / Leveling Tanking Multi Tanking Miscellaneous Common macro commands Note you can shift-click the name of your spell, ability, trinket, weapon, shield etc. You do not need the “(Rank X)” when you do as it will always use the highest rank./script Pickup Inventory Item(17); if Cursor Has Item()then Pickup Container Item(4,4); Equip Item By Name("The Unstoppable Force");else Equip Item By Name("Stormstrike Hammer"); Equip Item By Name("The Immovable Object");end; Focus intervene - useful for any situation where you need to get away quickly.

The tooltip suggests that this ability causes up to 5 nearby mobs to 'cower' in fear; where, in contrast, the shout only causes the targeted mob to 'cower', whilst up to 5 total nearby enemies will 'flee'.

This anomaly, however, could be attributed to people's varying interpretations of 'cower' and 'flee'.And yes, all the macros work perfectly fine I use these 3 macros for my stances #showtooltip Defensive stance /cast Defensive stance /equipslot 16 (your 1h here) /equipslot 17 (your sheild here) #showtooltip Battle stance /cast battle stance /equipslot 16 (your 2h here) #showtooltip berzerker stance /cast berzerker stance /equipslot 16 (your 2h here) These basacly change my weps depending on wat stance yurin, so if you wnat to go into defensive stance for stuff like sheild wall of sheild block, you press defensive stance & it has your weps ready straight away I also use this macro for switching weps manualy (E. after casting a spellreflect) /equipslot 16 (your 2h here) /equipslot 16 (your 1h here) /equipslot 17 (your sheild here) Hope these help sombody =) As you can see that's only the "#show / #showtooltip" part of the macro.And yes, all the macros work perfectly fine you should never in your life use that macro in pvp #showtooltip Execute /cast Heroic Strike /cast Execute you will be rage straved all your fights 100% you never use heroic strike in pvp in any circumstances dunno in cataclysm, but atm in pvp is a big NO NO!!!(works for paladins, but not for druids and Death Knights.) Raids: /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME: Add Message(121.278*(5.6-(Get Dodge Block Parry Chance From Defense())),1,0.5,0) Heroic Bosses: /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME: Add Message(121.278*(5.4-(Get Dodge Block Parry Chance From Defense())),1,0.5,0) Thanks for the post, I really like the Charge/hamstring macro I was using a seperate macro which was battle stance equip 2 hander hamstring startattack.but looking at my set up this is much better to have charge/hamstring and change my origonal macro to something else as when I started keyboard mashing I would often change stance to much and starve's like commiting suicide Acualy I like to use heroic strike / cleave just be4 i bladestorm so that it goes off while im swirling around for a lil extra dmg, furthermore bladestorm generaly creates alot of rage so it doesnt leave u starved at all Very good if you combind with somthing like recklessness right after a lock teleports add /use Fel Healthstone to your Enraged Regenaration macro.

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