Ipconfig registerdns not updating dns

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During DNS troubleshooting, you can use this procedure to discard negative cache entries from the cache, as well as any other entries that have been added dynamically” ipconfig /registerdns: “Initiates manual dynamic registration for the DNS names and IP addresses that are configured at a computer.You can use this parameter to troubleshoot a failed DNS name registration or resolve a dynamic update problem between a client and the DNS server without rebooting the client computer.

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Something that you may find of interest is that there is also a parameter to show the contents of the DNS cache.ipconfig /displaydns will print out in the terminal window the entire contents of the DNS cache. The system checks to see if the name is a FQDN, single label or multi label.You can verify from there whether it truly has the correct address for whatever you’re having issues resolving or not. This is determined by the dots within the name i.e. is an FQDN while a multi label and just www is a single label.I tried to delete the entry and reregister with ipconfig/registerdns and that is unsuccessful.The server is a domain member and I am a domain admin logged in. The DNS suffix name is in there, the DNS and DHCP services are also all started and running on each client.

Anyhow, came back two days later, and only a very few number of machines have updated in forward dns represenative of Timestamp value changing from Static to an actual time. First off shouldnt they be updating now if the default update time for XP is 24 hours, and I have Dynamic updating on now???

Please reply back to the newsgroup or forum for collaboration benefit among responding engineers, and to help others benefit from your resolution.

Ace Fekay, MVP, MCT, MCITP EA, MCTS Windows 2008 & Exchange 2007, MCSE & MCSA 2003/2000, MCSA Messaging 2003 Microsoft Certified Trainer Microsoft MVP - Directory Services If you feel this is an urgent issue and require immediate assistance, please contact Microsoft PSS directly. Finally we find out that was Mcafee which was preventing updates from to lsass.exe, we deactivated the "Access protection" feature and now it is working properly: 04/03/2010 PM Blocked by port blocking rule C:\WINDOWS\System32\Anti-virus Standard Protection: Prevent IRC communication 05/03/2010 PM Blocked by port blocking rule C:\WINDOWS\system32\Anti-virus Standard Protection: Prevent IRC communication 08/03/2010 PM Blocked by port blocking rule C:\WINDOWS\System32\Anti-virus Standard Protection: Prevent IRC communication 09/03/2010 PM Blocked by port blocking rule Anti-virus Standard Protection: Prevent mass mailing worms from sending mail 192.168.0. "Ace Fekay [MVP-DS, MCT]" wrote: It appears the servers may not have owned their own record, which is a prerequisite to updating their own records.

Note the terminating period on the FQDN and the lack of a terminating period on the multi label name.

Let’s first check how resolution works for an FQDN: 1.

If they were manually created, or set by a DHCP reservation, that would explain what happened.

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