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As you mentioned on stage, today is your and Andy’s anniversary – you met here at the Long Island Warped Tour two years ago? So many of the stagehands and people who work on my stage all have a different perspective on her; like “oh, my wife loves you from the show.” For somebody who’s been on Warped Tour for a hundred years to now be like “I watched you at home while you were on my TV.” Television has such an interesting impact. Juliet: Honestly, what’s happening right now is, I’m in negotiations with Universal Records. You have a bracelet company called Never Take It Off. Juliet: What’s really great about the company is that it started on 2011 on Warped Tour; it started with the record I released, . One thing I’ve noticed this year is that it seems like a very fractured tour.

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But you recently announced that you’ll be doing the full tour. Is it strange being up there solo instead of with a band? And then the one thing that’s kept on, that I think is amazing, is ska has also had a very long history on this tour. ” Not to dog any bands on the tour, but it’s nice to hear people playing the fucking guitar, not just hitting it over and over again while people jump.Somehow we’re still making music, but would you prefer if we turned these around? We’re Black Veil Brides; we make no bones, we’re not going out here to be the “artistic cred” band.There’s a lot of bands I have great respect for…a band like letlive. We might come from similar things, and we can talk about playing VFWs and what that shit was like, but when we’re on stage, we’re the band that has the smoke bombs and the fuckin’ theatricality. I’m sure the next thing will be, like, someone in the band’ll grow a beard and then it will be “beards are gay.” I don’t know, but there will be something. You guys lost a lot of the makeup and longhair that made your reputation in the beginning.We spoke with Simms and Biersack about Warped Tour, How are you guys doing? But actually, every tour that she’s done since I’ve been on. It’s absolutely incredible how much he’s been helping me. Right now it’s such a controversial time right now – there’s bullying. You go back even to the 80’s, when the glam rock stuff was going on, and that was “heavy metal.” These bands like GBH, all these bands that were teasing up their hair and doing glam rock albums, like TSOL that cross that line. Juliet: Yeah, we’re in love, and he…POZ: Was there any great romantic story to that? We were walking through bus world, and that’s where we screamed at the sky, like, “I love Andy” and “I love Juliet.”Andy: I was screaming that I love Andy. Andy: Yeah, but in a situation like this, it’s so nice to be on the same tour. It’s hard, but fortunately the one time she had a long run I came out. ” to “this song” or “that set,” and setting up things for shows. No laying down or anything, and just helping me with everything. They start screaming when I sing “Roxanne” or “Man’s World.” I’ll see a 17 year old girl who knew me from Automatic Loveletter, but then I’ll also see people in their 50’s! You’ve got your first single out from the post-Voice era called “Wild Child.” Can you talk about the song and how it came about? The rest of it is up to whether they want to make a record or not. I have so many studios, so many friends, so many musicians… Is that indicative of where the writing for the album is going? On the show, I wanted to do something different that people haven’t done on singing shows before. POZ: You definitely didn’t go the typical ballad, big singer route. Juliet: I wanted to sing songs that inspired me throughout my career and inspired me to sing and be in a band. Where are our Debbie Harrys and Joan Jetts and Fiona Apples and Janice Joplins? POZ: Are you concerned that maybe there’s not room for that kind of person in the musical world right now? Why do you think metal has become such a strong part of what started as a punk rock thing?Robb Flynn was like, do people really think that like, Judas Priest and Slayer and all of those – the ones that are on fire in the background, that they’re working too?

Do they have fucking cables going up to the ceiling? You look at pictures of Van Halen and shit, they’ve got stacks and stacks.It takes a lot of money to be on this tour, and I didn’t have the funds to be on it with a full band. Andy: It’s as simple as this: Black Veil Brides is the band with the long hair and the body paint and the makeup. And then Black Veil Brides stops wearing the makeup, cuts the hair, and it’s “the guy sounds like the guy from Nickelback” now. We did pretty well, but this year is a whole different ball game. You mentioned that you guys aren’t exactly where the tour started out.How could they possibly maintain any amount of electricity in that venue with 9 million cabs.KISS has had cabs that shoot video out of them for years! So what we did was turn them around, and asked the audience “look how boring this is! People online are saying this is a better way to do this, that we’re faking. Andy: It’s very different to be one of the headlining bands on the tour and to have that situation is very humbling.