Jvaldez dating

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Jvaldez dating

I admire the respect that you have shown one another on this thread. I don't believe true enlightenment of any kind can be achieved by anything as passive as reading or Google-ing.While I do believe there is a great deal of value in reading, in my humble opinion, nothing short of action can help a person become "more than" who they have come to be thus far.

The respect I would argue, would have been to show an interest in ensuring that the very people whose culture your are wading into weren't asked to "accept you".Our culture, as we see it, is not a case of "finders keepers" as convenient laws of bailment have provided for those who "discover" us again and again.The flaw in your premise is that you have assumed the position that it is morally and ethically correct to wade into our culture and use it as it were a lost item that you found.You see Natalie, your premise is based upon decades of lobbying by our people to stop being criminalized for who we were and what we believed.Prior to 1960, there was no appeal by the dominant society to wade into our cultures because to be honest, most of the practises were illegal.Unfortunately, I am only human and I fail at that task miserably most of the time.

Eagle Plume, that blessed blood does run through my veins.

In my own journey I have had to spend a lot of time outside of my comfort zone.

Even when I've failed to achieve my goals, I have learned lessons from the efforts.

I think it's also important to mention the beauty of balance at work here.

There are those who follow their hearts and marry outside their bloodlines and there are those who combine love with tradition and stoically refuse to. I don't think there is a right or wrong choice since neither appears to have a negative impact on the earth or on humanity as a whole.

You don't see me busting a move when the hallelujahs break out.