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The title track is one of The Thermals’ biggest “hits” to date, and was featured in many popular network television programs!

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Joel Burrows doubled up with Harris on guitar, and drummer Lorin Coleman joined Kathy Foster in the rhythm section.In May of 2015, Clarke and the Himselfs opened for Built to Spill on a month long tour of the US.In September of this year he will be joining them again for another month, touring the Northern United States and Canada.A morbid meditation on religion and death, the record would have served as a fitting precursor to their next album, which would prove to be fully loaded with fire and brimstone.Produced by Joanna Bolme (Elliott Smith, The Jicks) at the original location of Portland’s famous Jackpot studio, …Holy Bed (as of this writing) has still not seen the light of day.In 2008: Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster retreated to the cold, stony Oregon Coast.

In the wind and the rain and the short bursts of warm light, they stood at the shore and shouted at the sea, demanding the answer to the greatest questions of life: “What is the meaning of life? ” There was no reply, but the brutal smashing of endless waves.

Produced by John Agnello (Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth) in Hoboken NJ, Desperate Ground is a true scrappy-and-scratchy return-to-form for The Thermals.

Fast, cheap, and out of control, it’s the perfect bookend to The Thermals first (and so far best) decade.

Personal Life (Kill Rock Stars), The Thermals’ fifth LP, (and first with Glass drumming) contains some of their darkest and most beautiful tracks to date.

Chris Walla returned to the studio with The Thermals, giving Personal Life a sharp and shiny sheen, as only he could. In 2012: The Thermals mourned the passing of their former guitarist and dear friend Joel Burrows.

What originally began with multi-track records, transmographied into the full band it is today, with Howell using the drums, guitar, his voice, and no loops, creating catchy, dark, powerful sounds that are supported ultimately by the gravity of the songs themselves. Clarke Howell’s not simply working a stripped aesthetic, he’s a single player going for a full sound.

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