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Against her will, she became known as someone pleasing to God, and nearly everyone loved her.

Saint Xenia lived during the eighteenth century, but little is known of her life or of her family.She passed most of her life in Petersburg during the reigns of the empresses Elizabeth and Catherine II.Xenia Grigorievna Petrova was the wife of an army officer, Major Andrew Petrov.After a while, Xenia left Petersburg for eight years.It is believed that she visited holy Elders and ascetics throughout Russia seeking instruction in the spiritual life.Saint Xenia eventually returned to the poor section of Petersburg, where she was mocked and insulted because of her strange behavior.

When she did accept money from people it was only small amounts, which she used to help the poor.

After the wedding, the couple lived in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Xenia became a widow at the age of twenty-six when her husband suddenly died at a party.

Soon her great virtue and spiritual gifts began to be noticed.

She prophesied future events affecting the citizens of Petersburg, and even the royal family.

Comments: I would like to find intelligent, optimistic, independent, communicative man, who appreciates family and loves children. My additional Photos My additional Photos Come see Ksenia in St. Saint Tatiana is the patron saint of students, thus this day is also called Students Day.

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