Kumoricon dating game

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Kumoricon dating game

It’s one of the best ways to show Kumoricon your support!The final event of Kumoricon—contest winners are announced, highlights are replayed, and the mascot for 2009 is revealed.

The curfew is extended to 1am for minors solely for the Saturday and Sunday dances, and for no other events or convention space after midnight.

(Please see the policies page for our full policies.) The following rooms are always open during the above hours: These rooms close between pm and pm on Monday for Closing Ceremonies. Please see important details regarding registration check-in and hours on the registration page.

Saturday: am-pm Sunday: am-pm Monday: am-pm Saturday: noon-pm (setup am-noon) Sunday: am-pm Monday: am-pm Saturday: am-pm Sunday: am-pm Monday: am-pm Saturday: pm-am Sunday: pm-am Opening Ceremonies: am-am (Main Events) Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Screening: am-pm (Main Events) AMV Contest and Show: Seating starts pm; Contest runs pm-pm; Show runs pm-pm Idol and Karaoke Cosplay Hybrid Contest: pm-pm (Live Events) Guests of Honor VIP Dinner: pm-pm (Rounds) (VIP badges only) The Slants Concert: pm-pm (Main Events) Dance: pm-am (Main Events) Cosplay Contest: Seating starts pm; Contest runs pm-pm (Main Events) Masquerade Ball: pm-midnight (Main Events) Dance: midnight-am (Main Events) Death Note live action movie: midnight-am (Live Events) NANA live action movie: am-noon (Main Events) Cosplay Chess: noon-pm (Live Events) Art Show Auction: noon-pm (Panel 3) Charity Auction: pm-pm (Main Events) Creation Station Winners Announced: pm-pm (Creation Station) Swap Meet: pm-pm (Workshop) Closing Ceremonies: pm-pm (Main Events) Rant and Rave: Directly following Closing Ceremonies; may start prior to pm (Main Events) Coming soon: Live schedule updates.

Upset with the justice system, Light takes matters into his own hands and vows to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of all evil.

Based on the popular manga by Ai Yazawa, Nana follows the adventures of two girls both named Nana.

His warm smile and affection threaten to capture her heart, but can love truly conquer all?

See a special screening of Emma Saturday, right before the Cosplay Competition.Just released by Right Stuf, Emma tells the story of a hard working honest young maid who has never felt her place in life to be a burden.But then she meets William, eldest son of a wealthy family.While they share the same name, they couldn’t be more different.One follows her boyfriend to Tokyo in hopes to make a new start, while the other is a punk rock beauty who has an ambition to make it big in the world of rock and roll.While she admires Sachiko, being her soeur would also mean constantly being at the center of the entire school’s attention!

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