Liam aiken dating

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Liam aiken dating

Then you see 18 minutes of footage over-printed with company and individual names to deter leaks to prying websites or rival distributors.

They centre on children but have such appealing adult roles that the have been jokingly called a superannuation scheme for Britain's character actors.

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, played by Jim Carrey, would admire the machinations involved in watching sneak previews of the first scenes from one of Hollywood's big Christmas releases.

But all the effort going into live action and animated movies shows how that has changed.

"The film that probably changed things was ," says distributor Mike Selwyn, of United International Pictures. Since then, there's been a switch to realising there is this whole genre of product that's not a watered-down version of adult films but fantastic entertainment in its own right, geared for a young audience." You can see why these literature-based movies are so valuable just by looking at what they have in common.

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"You'd be surprised at how superstitious we are in Hollywood," says Parkes, whose other movies include . If this is hugely successful, there's a really ideal franchise built in.

"Our emphasis is to get this book right and, if we do that, then we can look up and decide whether or not we should keep going," he says. But right now Andrew Adamson and I are just looking at this one." These two heavyweight producers share the view that their movies are for families rather than children.

The studios are passionate about franchises in all genres but there are millions of reasons to aim for a family audience. Indeed, in a break from the mixing suite in Los Angeles, Lemony Snicket producer Walter Parkes agrees that everyone in Hollywood is looking for the next Harry Potter. "It would be wishful thinking to make comparisons, but over the course of the past 10 or 15 years, so many of the biggest movies in terms of box office have been ones that appeal to any age.

The idea of a pre-sold franchisable title that appeals to an enormously wide audience is still the holy grail to Hollywood." But that does not mean the next instalments are being lined up just yet.

Young readers are fascinated with the magic, but older ones respond to the emotional complexity.

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