Liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions

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Liveupdate had an error updating the virus definitions - teen books about interracial dating

Please copy & paste the outputs of these commands here so that I can see the results. Jlu Configuration.encrypt Conf File(Dasho A5380) at It turns out that those commands install a new version of LIve Update that isn't compatible.

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Live Update -d Using character set UTF-8Command-line Product Selections to update:(Prod Name, Version, Lang, Item Seq Name, Seq Num)Debug - output[n Idx] = uid=0(root) gid=0(wheel) groups=0(wheel),102(,204(_developer),100(_lpoperator),98(_lpadmin),80(admin),61(localaccounts),29(certusers),20(staff),12(everyone),9(procmod),8(procview),5(operator),4(tty),3(sys),2(kmem),1(daemon),101(,401( JLU to the current command line JLU Macintosh, 3.6, English, Live Update Seq, 20Initializing the log file: /Library/Application Support/Norton Solutions Support/Live Update/liveupdt.logtrying to write into log file Java Version 1.6.0_35. HTTP/1.1 200 OKServer: Sun-ONE-Web-Server/6.1Content-Length: 1Content-Type: text/plain Last-Modified: Fri, GMTETag: "1-42ea9080"Accept-Ranges: bytes Date: Tue, GMTConnection: close Cache-Control: public,must-revalidate,max-age=1800Content-Type of HTTP response for is text/plain Receiving file ... Return code = 0Product Saving updates to product inventory file The log file is greater than the allowed size of 1024 kilobytes. Thanks, Ryan HI everyone, I have the same problem with update. Do these problems exist with PC users, or is Mac OS just too baffling to figure out?

however that should not cause an error to be reported.

I installed the COMCAST Norton security suite a few days ago, and now I get a pop up window with the text: Updating error There was an error performing the update.

Ryan, Sabatine I've run Live Update again and it has failed again.

Please try re-running Live Update manually to see if the re-install made any difference.

Mac OS X 10.6.8Java Live Update version 3.6 Build 20. Java Live Update directory is /Library/Application Support/Norton Solutions Support/Live Update Found /Library/Application Support/Norton Solutions Support/Live Update/jlu-3.6.20Product Inventory: parsed default inventory file: /etc/Product. Java Live Update Inventory File Product Selections to update:(Prod Name, Version, Lang, Item Seq Name, Seq Num)The property max Zip File Size in config file is 614,400The property max Tri File Size in config file is 10,485,760The property max Package Size in config file is 734,003,200The property max Package Content Size in config file is 734,003,200Checking to see if JLU can connect to its own listener thread. Transfer completed in 423 ms (692 bytes/sec)Server supports mini-tri files. Product Products: Downloading jlumacintosh_3.6_english_to /private/tmp/1347365150978/jlumacintosh_3.6_english_... Truncating the logfile Truncating log file to /private/tmp/1347365150978/Replacing log file with truncated one. My version of Operation System is 10.6.8 like you, but I don't know my version of Norton Internet Security. The thing that is really laughable is Norton actually had the nerve to email me a customer service satisfaction survey!

Checking to see if a session of JLU is running at port 49363. JLU was able to successfully connect to its own listener thread. Connecting to via HTTP ... Encrypting username/password settings found in config file /etc/Trying to load jar file from /Library/Application Support/Norton Solutions Support/Live Update/Trying to load jar file from current directory or mentioned in classpath JLUException [Nested Exception is: [ It seems they want a pat on the back for non-existent tech support.

This started showing up as well after my renewal and not sure what it means or if it means anything at all. I too have suddenly been having the same problem with Live Update on my i Mac (with 10.6.8) when running Internet Security For Mac. The trouble seems to be with the 'NCO for Mac Anti-Phishing Defs.' If I uncheck that box the other downloads work as they are supposed to.

The symantec site seems to give a potential solution but I'm waiting the suggested 24 hours before trying it out:- The 'Submission Control Data' seems to download ok too but still shows up as not being downloaded even though it has. I have forwarded these logs to our Live Update engineers and I hope to have an answer by tomorrow or Thursday.

7 moremichael-rs-imac:~ michaelr$ Mike, Can you please try running Live Update manually from the Quick Menu (or however else you want to run it)?

I guess you can imagine how many boxes were ticked "UNSATISFACTORY".

The same thing has been happening to me, coincidentally ever since I renewed my subscription in August. Copy of complete Live Update Log attached (goes back earlier than my previous extraction). ) Mike I'm on 10.6.8 and have the same problem using version 4.1.1 of NIS. Using Live Update from the menu bar if I click on 'Update Everything Now' the download fails.