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Yea I know, this is a tall order but is is very easy when u Gordon ur emotions under check before u even think of dating. U were born to lead, but first you must conquer yourself. Olasco93: I think HARDDON should use simple words, those slangs you are using are not really helping at all.I expect you to use understandable words that every person should understand... To help u take control of your emotions, u have to learn how to turn down ladies.

because itz a web, So many have been blindfolded by its threads, so many entangled, so many suffocating begging for but a single sip of breath, so many deballed, deballed n death is inevitable ( of what use is man without some balls? Let it ring to d unborn child Let it sink into d fresh adam-apple growing dude To all d players, playing balls or hearts Wudnt u rather Dine?

He left his mark on two with his jagged knife, while he wrestled with the third, she was gone in a Flash. She pays his fees, wash his cloths, feed his choir, and generally was there for him. How can a nice guy become PSEUDO BAD and get the gurl of his dream? Before we go on, do know that since women r illogical in life, we would be ILLOGICALLY countering their moods while staying on top / ahead on the lane I need u to also bliv that u can get any gurl u want.

Took her bag n went in search of her after d last one took to his heels. Went tru her Phone n called her Bestie to tell her to come pick up her bag n Phone @ a location, that was How it all began. But u can take the man outta the ghetto, u can't take the ghetto outta the man , he hit her at every slight argument, embarrasses her in public, cheats on her to her face yet she kept coming back...r married now....... We will deal with fear factors later DRILL NUGGET 1 Why Gurls like bad boys: Bad boys don't ''send''..... They don't kiss up to any lady, infact they get aggressive when she throws some controlling tantrums.

A girls that u always yeild to, wud soon friend zone u. Know this, gurls r looking for alpha male not some kiss a33.......learn to always be in charge.

This can only happen when u lay ur bed right from d beginning.

Women are aware of this potent power by design, they also know that the power lies with the guy from creation and wud do everything possible to STEAL(they do this either to test if the guy is truly what they make of him or just plainly acting IT or they just luv been in control) it from the guys......subtly, guys not-in-the-know, aint.

Now I am not advocating you become this crude: here is Hiw u can tap the positives off bad boys n be one ur self: BE yourself @ all times: what does this mean? Learn the act of saying no to some of her demands even though she knows u are capable of same.start by the little things; turn down that airtime request from that your crush, turn down that ur course mate/colleague lunch request, turn down that outing request, however u may, but subtly, funnily and cockily.SENSE PILL 1b : for once, have d balls to be brave, be YOU and do things because you want to do them not because they cajole u to!Orthodontic Police / The Cow with Four Eyes Orthodontic Police: Cow and Chicken are given inhumane braces by an Orthodontic Police Officer (The Red Guy).However, they soon learn that they're not the only ones.YOU: yea sure, after i'm done with this game.you can say sure, if only u beat me in this game...know that game isnt ending soon nor can she beat u, she wud be forced to go get it her self (subtle but very effective).

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