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“Service” is generally done by the sheriff’s office and/or a constable.

However, where the person getting the property has no money or is disabled and the other party makes lots of money, then the person with money might be responsible for the debt.

This may be especially helpful if you have children so they may be taken care of with child support orders, etc.

After filling out and filing the paperwork, your spouse must be “served” meaning s/he must get a copy of the paperwork and any notice of hearing for temporary orders signed so they are aware of what you are asking.

Mediation is a process that may help you and your spouse talk about the issues in the divorce and come to an agreement.

If you do not agree on your own, Utah law requires you to go through the mediation process before you may go to trial.

You may ask for a hearing at the same time that you file. The court will not enter temporary orders without a hearing.

However, they will usually try and schedule a hearing as soon as they may.

Also, this situation may anger your spouse and make settlement more difficult.

If you have children, this is especially true, and you should get some professional advice about how much your children should know about your adult relationships. The Utah Courts have put the forms on their Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP) (You may ask the Court to have a hearing to establish temporary orders that will last while the divorce is pending.

The only advantage to filing first is that if you may be able to affect where the case is within the state if you and your spouse live in different areas of the state.

Otherwise, there generally will not be any advantage to being the first to file.

You may be able to get help free of charge from the Legal Aid Society of Salt Lake if you are in Salt Lake County, or from Utah Legal Services in all other areas of the state. If they can't help you, you may still hire an attorney to help you. However, it is best if you notify the other person, especially if there are children involved.

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