Mathematica dynamic updating

25-Aug-2016 11:16 by 4 Comments

Mathematica dynamic updating

I was worried about not putting a pause in the loop, but it seems not to affect other mathematica notebook session when this is running in a loop like the above.WIll try your idea in my other larger demo I am writing to see how it will work. your version of Dynamic Module above did NOT crash my Mathematica ! I used cell of type 'code' as before, and kept try to get it to crash and it did not.

On the other hand: shortly after the first time I installed MMA V8.00, the application fonts got corrupted somehow and the front-end would crash frequently just typing certain characters into any cell.

I started both at the same time, and the Simon version seems to run faster (counter runs faster).

screen shot: FYI, I have used the "code" style extensively on various versions of Mathematica since V6, both on Windows and Mac, and I have never seen a crash attributable to the use of that style.

This works fine, but after 5 seconds, the loop stops on its own, since Manipulate decided to time out. I show below simple example: I can make the count above as large as I want, no problem.

So, it seems a configuration option for Manipulate, but I am now not able to find now which option it is I need to use for this to work.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, with Applications to Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Engineering.

Chaos and Integrability in Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction.

It behaves as if the button is pressed all the time. Just tried cell type 'code' and after few clicks on the button, kernel crashed: So I no longer use cells of type 'code'. Update 2: 8/29/11, 6 PM Using Mathematica 8.0.1, on windows 7, SP1, intel pc, here is the code that crashes it when using "code" cell May be someone can try the above?

Had to click on start/stop few times to get it to crash. Update 9/2/11 on new answer: It looks Simon version (second one below) seems faster on my PC, Mathematica 8.0.1.

I did not report it to WRI, may be I should do that.

I just tried the above again, from fresh start of Mathematica, and after few key hits on the buttons, it crashed again, please see update [email protected], good idea, will try it.

I will use a Locator Pane, embedded in a Dynamic Module, in a way similar to what I've already discussed here.

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