Men dating single mothers

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Actually theres quite a few men that dont even bother with their own kids. I briefly dated a guys some years ago, that didn't want much contact with my kids, however, he wanted me to spend a great deal of time with his.I knew a guy that would only date women that didn't have children so that she couldn't put anyone above him or his 2 kids, even though he had no intention of having more children.

I can participate and take on some responsibilities as the child allows and is receptive to, and in support of the person I'm seeing.

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I have met through the POF site, some single mothers who have been great with the fact I have kids as well, they understood problems of getting contact and have stood by me, when going through court and that.

However I have also met a couple, who seem to want a man to take care of their own kids, yet when it comes to the mans kids, they do not want to know, or seem to care what goes on.

Some seem to want a man to take their kids on, but do not want the man's kids. Not exactly but encountered men that do not want to take on another mans kids whether he has kids or not, whether his kids live with him or not.

Her kids2: Her3: Your kids4: You So you come 4th or perhaps even 5th of 6th after her other family members or friends.

Did it ever occur to you that it has to do with wanting a father figure (not a father) present for their children, whereas the children's dad may not be around.The guy I'm dating now doesn't have kids, although if he did and we got to the kid meeting point, I'd gladly "take them on" if need be.I wouldn't want to fall into the habit of being their babysitter, though.I've also known someone else that had hardly any contact with his own kids and wanted to step and in and be a "daddy" to her kids. Thankfully, not all men and women are like that Tbh, before I had kids I probably wouldnt of wanted to take someone elses on.You have that ideal of the perfect family, mum, dad and kids.Now I have kids it wouldnt bother me at all cos got two another couple wouldnt make a lot of difference.

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