Norton not updating

02-Apr-2015 18:05 by 5 Comments

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Many times there are pending updates for Windows and your other installed software that require a system restart to be completed. I have ticked the box in the quick controls section of Settings.

Hi teurkuk The updates go out when there are updates so if there are no updates from Norton you won’t get any, so to check the frequency of the updates can you go to history, left hand drop down box click on full history then enter, Liveupdate session, in the search box on the right hand side of the window and click go, copy and paste what’s between the commas because if there’s a gap between live and update it won’t work(weel it doesn’t on my version 2012). House Rules will be loaded and the Location rule will be shown to user If you still do not see the location rule, please login to Parent Mode in the device by selecting the parent mode option from the Menu Bar 1.About three weeks ago my automatic updating stopped working without any notification to me.How do I get Live Update to update automatically so I no longer have to update manually? If not, move the slider to the On position and click Apply. I installed Windows 7 updates and rebooted my computer and Live Update is now updating automatically. Not sure whether it was the Windows updates or the reboot that corrected things. Thanks Katie Hi farmstepmom, Can you please check the below steps: 1. In the Subscription screen, check if the Service shows “Norton Family Basic”, click on “Refresh” button. After that you should be able to see the Norton Family Premier screen. Please come to child mode, and follow the initial steps to update House Rules. You should see the Location monitoring in House Rules now.

Can you please send me your Norton Family account email address by private message via the forum by clicking Inbox at upper right hand corner? In the Settings screen, please select “Norton subscription” 4.Did the chat folks have you check the date, time and time zone of your system clock?Did you run Get Support (from main page of N 360 select support and then Get support)? I haven't checked, but you could make a suggestion on the Product Suggestion Board to include an indication when Live Update has not run for a specific number of days less than the 14 as I believe it is based on now.Are you having any connection problems with your internet connection?For the times you weren’t getting updates where you using the internet meaning was there a connection that live updates could use.I have had 3 chat sessions with support people and their best advice was that Norton 360 will not advise you if automatic updates don't work and that I should manually check every week to see if it is working.