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Cashflow At 31st December 2011, and following the payment of a dividend totalling €20 million on 19th December 2011, the Group had a cash surplus of €33.1 million.

Payment of an interim dividend of €0.87 per share At its meeting of 12th December 2011, Meetic’s Board of Directors decided to pay an interim dividend of €0.87 per share with regards to the 2011 financial year.

This interim dividend was paid on 19th December 2011.

Depreciation of investments and receivables on investments in associates The Group’s share of net income from associates increased from €1 million for six months of activity in 2010 to €1.9 million for 12 months of activity in 2011.

The Group observed an indication of an impairment loss for its Latin American activities, and therefore implemented an impairment test on the shares of Global Investments SARL, thus writing down a total for depreciation of investments and related receivables of €10.6 million.

We can find more Baby Boomers in the Senior People Meet and it is designed for over 40 singles who are dating and seeking love to bring our community singles together.

Baby Boomers are these person who are born in the years following World War II,and it is said that there was a temporary marked increase in the birth rate in the recent years.On 22nd June 2011, Europe Limited tabled a tender offer with the AMF for the acquisition of all Meetic shares at a price of €15 per share.Following this offer, which ended on 1st September 2011, IAC/Inter Active Corp, the indirect parent company of Pegasus Ltd and Europe Ltd, indirectly holds 81% of Meetic’s capital and at least 79% of Meetic’s voting rights.Once you’ve taken one step to the dating,you’ve had more chance to join the success,you can find the next step to find some mature friends,it will be a lot easier for the older women and men. If you are not as outgoing as some people or just don’t have enough time then online dating can make life a lot easier for you.Here are 3 important arguments why you should set up your online dating profile already today: Most people tend to form small and tight knit groups of friends with not much opportunity to meet new people outside of this circle.