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We even have differences within the Orthodox Church and the non-orthodox churches but most hold to the same essentials; the divinity of Christ, the sinlessness of Jesus, the sinfulness of man, Jesus’ atoning work at Calvary, His death, burial, and resurrection as a historical fact, and that believers will receive eternal life at death or at Christ’s return, whichever comes first.

Later, there was a divide within the Orthodox Church too as one became known as the Greek Orthodox and the Russian Orthodox.The most significant of these early decisions was that between the Homoousian doctrine of Athanasius and Eustathius (which became Trinitarianism) and the Heteroousian doctrine of Arius and Eusebius (called Arianism).The Homoousian doctrine, which defined Jesus as both God and man with the hypostatic union of the 451 Council of Chalcedon, won out in the Church and was referred to as orthodoxy in most Christian contexts, since this was the viewpoint of the majority.Orthodoxy has widespread use of icons while Protestantism have few if any and the Catholic Church has some but not as widespread as Orthodox Christianity.Orthodoxy and Catholicism are closely related in their means of salvation through the Sacraments and through the passion, death, and resurrection of our Lord while non-orthodox believers hold that it is through faith we are saved apart from any works and that it is through Christ’s death and resurrection.Their Intercessor is Jesus Christ Himself and they pray to God the Father through Him and this absolves them from all their sins.

Finally, the Holy Days for Protestants are Good Friday, Easter, and Christmas while the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church include these but add Lent, New Years, and several Saint’s Feast Days.The word “orthodox” essentially means conventional and when it is tied to religion, we see that the Orthodox Christians hold to conventional Christian beliefs.The Orthodox religious beliefs are said to be highly conservative and like the word “orthodox” itself means, they claim to hold to the traditional beliefs and customs of the early church that Jesus Christ established. For the Churches most often called "Orthodox", see Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy. The first seven Ecumenical Councils were held between the years of 325 and 787 with the aim of formalizing accepted doctrines.A series of ecumenical councils, also known as the First seven Ecumenical Councils, were held over a period of several centuries to try to formalize these doctrines.Orthodox Christianity and Christianity in general believe in the Oneness of God yet in Three Persons but their goals are slightly different.

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