Paul mackenzie sytycd dating

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Paul mackenzie sytycd dating

It's fast-paced and pretty difficult, but the costumes are pretty great.I'm not quite sure how this is jazz, though - it bares no resemblance to jazz as I know it, anyway. She was really nervous about the final lift but applauds them for pulling it off and giving a "striking and powerful" performance.

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This week on the panel, we've got our usuals, Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy. It's hard to go wrong with Travis' choreography, and they don't disappoint on stage.

She's pleasantly surprised by Blu Print every week and thinks Mariah did a "good" job.

Moving right along, it's Malece and Alan with a Dave Scott hip-hop routine. His movements are all too feminine and flowing rather than hard and robotic as hip-hop calls for.

The style really suits Malece well - she can seemingly do anything and is one of my favourites this season. It's solid overall, but if it weren't for Malece being so fierce, it would've been a massive fail.

Luckily, she's good enough that you can almost forget that he's there, as sad as that is to say.

Carly agrees, calling Malece her "absolute favourite" and admitting that while Alan was okay, she was mostly watching Malece. Curtis and Hayley are taking on contemporary this week, with a Dee Caspary routine.

They're using a prop - a 15 foot ladder - which I suppose is meant to be extra artistic but really doesn't do much and makes it seem like they're not doing all that much dancing until they climb down halfway through.

It's all going to be over far too soon - but let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's good, but it's always hard to judge a style that's so different and that we don't see a whole lot of.

For now, we have the Top 16 on stage together for an opening number that's strange but rather beautiful. What's important is that the show got seven Emmy nominations last week! There are plenty of lifts and some great partnering work, but they're definitely not in their element and it shows. Nigel thinks it started off well enough and had the right feel, but admits that they lost it halfway through and become "clunky" with many of the connections.

Carly calls the partnership "amazing" and that they have great chemistry together.

Nigel congratulates Dee on a creative routine and believes Curtis and Hayley will be "climbing that ladder for the rest of their lives", whatever that even means.

He also praises Jenna for raising her game and stepping so far away from her ballroom background.