Physical effects dating violence

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If parents feel that their child is having dating problems, they can try to get help from a school counselor or therapist, she added."We've done a lot of focus groups with adolescents on this topic, and consistently they say they would like to be able to talk with teachers and counselors and social workers about relationship issues," Orpinas said. H., graduate student, department of human development, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. More information For more information and support on teen dating violence, visit the American Academy of Pediatrics Connected Kids program.

"Parents, schools and health care providers all have important roles to play," Exner-Cortens said.

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Social-ecological influences on teen dating violence: A youth rights and capabilities approach to exploring context.

Adapted from Violence/ Some adolescents get involved in unhealthy dating relationships.

One in 10 adolescents reported being hit or physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend at least once in the previous year.

Over time, controlling and demanding behavior may become increasingly violent and that violence can have negative effects on physical and mental health throughout life (including depression, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts).

Pamela Orpinas, professor of health promotion and behavior at the University of Georgia, was not surprised by the findings.

Previous research has shown that teen dating violence is associated with a number of other health risk behaviors, she said."What is unclear is whether young people who have teen dating violence already have some other health-related problems," Orpinas said.

"Males are more likely to laugh off physical violence, whereas girls feel it as a more fearful [experience]," she explained.

Although the findings do not prove that teen dating violence causes adult intimate partner violence or other health effects, it does suggest it is a risk factor, Exner-Cortens said.

Adults who are close to the teens can play a big part in intervention, Orpinas said.