Piercing intimidating titan

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#Keep Calm And Carry On I only visited and met Abstract Arts Dance and performing group once or twice before production week - but man what a spritely bunch they were!

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" My first reaction was like, erm I'm in a wheelchair and secondly, who could?

"IT HAS BEEN A GLORIOUS year I can feel it in my fingers my ears" - The Moulettes A song that will now be forever ingrained in my head as an amazing memory from one of the most inclusive pieces I've ever taken part in.

This year has been a eventful one, with opportunities that I've been humbled to be offered and participate in, collaborations and Rn Ds and performances alike. The opportunity to perform on the same stage in the same programme was mind boggling!

Loved watching Stopgaps Siobhan, Lucy, David and Tom work with them and the material being taught.

Such a great atmosphere they create and the bonds and memory retention of people's names and quirks! (So kind in fact, on the Thursday I got a quite noticeable tan!

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) No performance is complete without falling out of the chair of a wheelchair vs body part situation - and Friday did not disappoint! Unforgettable choreography, a killer soundtrack and the most lovely people - it was truly an honour and pleasure to have danced/worked with Stopgap - Lucy, Siobhan, David, LJ (Laura Jones), Tomos, Kat Ball and Helen.

which all couldn't have been possible without the support of the office team and administrative team, producer Callum and all the volunteers that assisted in the make up And break down of the set and management of the community groups. Truly inspiring work and I'm privileged to have taken part in.

Her body resembles a similar titanic wolf composed of ash and smoke. A herd of hoofed beasts surrounds the Father of Thunder in a quarter-mile radius.

She has the same statistics as the Ash Wolf, except that she has the properties of a spirit, and does not have the Ash Wolf's pack bond, firestorm, smoky mate, or vorpal bite abilities. When the herd is in motion, any hostile creature in the area that the fey titan is aware of takes 2d6 blunt damage at the start of its turn.

Always at some point my curse/bad omen regarding lifts!