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Contact the Asia pacific (processing agent center) immediately for your visa form and requirements. Edward Leah ( Telephone number ) : 66880180762 (Tel Fax): 026534333 (Processing Fee): (Sigle Processing ): (us$890) (Dual Processing): (us$1,420) (Email): [email protected](Regards) Mrs Heleen Saint.

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If it should be (necessary) to contact our (Asia/Pacific office by telephone), you must always refer to your (Case Number) as they appear (above).The fees must be paid using Western Union money transfer and will be processed by the U. Western Union is a leading provider of International person-to-person money transfer.With more than 150 years experience and 245,000 Agent locations in over 200 countries and territories, Western Union is recognized for sending money quickly, reliably, and safety.We are assuming that the letter has been lost in transit hence this as the last resort. Note that the passport photograph must be taken within the last six months, and must be 35mmsq or 2 inches by 2 inches.Indicate your interest or otherwise to this notification by getting in touch with your processing correspondent officer Ms Mary Scott through her e-mails: [email protected] and [email protected] the following: 1. You should also provide the passport photographs of your spouse and other dependents; (if applicable) depending on the type of your application, during registration.The following are Examples of email claiming to be from the USAFIS.

Do not reply to these emails or give them any money! The scammer is asking money to be wire transferred to a PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT and not to Usafis Organization." Zhenya ... 101-649) amended INA 203 to provide for a new class of immigrants known as "diversity immigrants" (DV immigrants). S VISA LOTTERY PROMOTION, United States Department of State, National visa center, 32 Rochester Av, Portsmouth, NH 038012909 ( Case Number: (SRC**********) Preferences: Categories: (DV-DIVERSITY) Foreign State: Chargeability: (Asia-Pacific) Dear winner, We wish to (inform) you that you are among the (lucky selected winners) of the (U. Any selected lucky winner from the following countries will be disqualified, this is because each has more than (50,000) candidates in the U. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs Visa Services USAFIS U.S Green Card) (Email ballot lottery program) of the (2009/2010)( edition conducted) on the (18th of December 2009). This email (ballot) visa lottery program was innovated last year December by (USAFIS), This is the (2nd edition) of the program and its designed to be held every year, the aims and objectives of the program is to give free visa's to citizens of developing countries around the world who wishes to travel to (U. Approximately (155) individuals lucky selected winner's had been (notified) through their selected email addresses including you today (Wednesday 14th April 2010) The aims and objectives of the program is to give free visa's to citizens of developing countries around the world who wishes to travel to U. The Green Card lottery is a matter of huge benefits for those who want to trythemselves abroad. S Mexico Brazil Canada Columbia Elsalvador Jamaica Poland Peru Korea Dominican Republic Philippines Pakistan Vietnam and United Kingdom except Northern Ireland.Your visa (duration) is (10) years (multiple entries) to the (U. Always contact our Asia pacific processing agent office in (Bangkok) for guidelines and direction.Your (Case Number) is clearly written at the (upper left hand) corner of your (notification letter).

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