Religious views on interracial dating

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Overall, only nine percent of Americans said it was bad for society.However, 16 percent of white evangelicals said this, more than twice the opposition found among other Americans (7 percent).

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Crossing religious lines for the sake of marriage was once, and still is, considered by some to be an act of apostasy.

Those who marry from a different religious tradition may also face rejection, especially if one of the traditions teaches that only those faithful to their beliefs receive salvation and can go to heaven; all others being condemned to eternal hell.

Intermarriage is a form of exogamy, or marrying outside of one's social group.

Such families may be the foundation of a happier world of peace and harmony.

Intermarriage is the marriage of people from two different religious or racial backgrounds.

This month marks the 44th anniversary of the Loving v. A 1968 Gallup poll found three-quarters of whites disapproved of a whites and blacks marrying.

Supreme Court case that struck down state laws prohibiting interracial marriage.Ted Olson and David Boies released a video this month for the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER).The video features the two lawyers (who argued successfully against California's Proposition 8) discussing as the foundation for the argument for same-sex marriage. " struck down a legal regime, peculiar to certain parts of the nation, that was wholly racist at its core …Increased foreign travel and a trend towards secularism have de-emphasized the importance of religion in the lives of many.Attitudes towards inter-religious marriage are becoming more liberal in the developed world, removing the once powerful stigma that may have suppressed inter-religious marriages in the past.Only three percent of either group said interracial marriage was bad for society.