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He's been thrown off the island by simply seeing that Ronan's got a grill that could not have come Allen.

In her brief speech, Keaton said their 45-year friendship fills her heart with "pride, affection and even love."In the end though, it wasn’t the tribute or Keaton’s speech that drew the most media attention.

In that piece, Ronan questioned why the media wasn’t asking hard-hitting questions about the accusations his sister, Dylan Farrow, made against their estranged father dating back to the early ‘90s.

Dylan repeated those allegations in an open letter in the New York Times blog in February 2014, but accused the media industry of silencing her by not effectively following it up.

However, last week, The Hollywood Reporter interviewed Allen in a piece that does mention the allegations, but only as a brief contextual sidenote.

Ronan Farrow was not happy with the way the subject was treated, and the inaccurate way it was protrayed (THR said that accusations were 'dropped by police' before changing it to 'not pursued') and so he used the publication to later release an account of his own thoughts on how Allen is being treated in the media.

His life begins to spiral, however, with his work projects becoming few and far between and Naoko's health deteriorating.

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