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These options have more detailed description inside of Documentation/m68k/ This is handy if debugging and you need to use tracing_snapshot() on boot up, and do not want to use tracing_snapshot_alloc() as it needs to be done where GFP_KERNEL allocations are allowed.

A lot of drivers have their options described inside the Documentation/scsi/ sub-directory. Note that such command can only affect the default state of the OS vendor strings, thus it cannot affect the default state of the feature group strings and the current state of the OS vendor strings, specifying it multiple times through kernel command line is meaningless. acpi_osi="Windows 2000"' is equivalent to 'acpi_osi="Windows 2000" acpi_osi=! 'acpi_osi=' cannot be used in combination with other 'acpi_osi=' command lines, the _OSI method will not exist in the ACPI namespace. s3_beep is for debugging; it makes the PC's speaker beep as soon as the kernel's real-mode entry point is called. This command is useful when one want to control the state of the feature group strings to debug BIOS issues related to the OSPM features. acpi_sleep= [HW, ACPI] Sleep options Format: See Documentation/power/for information on s3_bios and s3_mode. acpi_no_auto_ssdt [HW, ACPI] Disable automatic loading of SSDT acpi_os_name= [HW, ACPI] Tell ACPI BIOS the name of the OS Format: To spoof as Windows 98: ="Microsoft Windows" acpi_osi= [HW, ACPI] Modify list of supported OS interface strings acpi_osi="string1" # add string1 acpi_osi="! ' can be used in combination with single or multiple 'acpi_osi="string1"' to support specific OS vendor string(s). acpi_irq_balance [HW, ACPI] ACPI will balance active IRQs default in APIC mode acpi_irq_nobalance [HW, ACPI] ACPI will not move active IRQs (default) default in PIC mode acpi_irq_isa= [HW, ACPI] If irq_balance, mark listed IRQs used by ISA Format: ... # disable all built-in OS vendor strings acpi_osi= # disable all strings 'acpi_osi=! Bit 0 enables warnings, bit 1 enables fixups, and bit 2 sends a segfault.

no: ACPI Operation Regions are not marked as reserved, no further checks are performed. agp= [AGP] off: disable AGP support try_unsupported: try to drive unsupported chipsets (may crash computer or cause data corruption) ALSA [HW, ALSA] See Documentation/sound/alsa/alignment= [KNL, ARM] Allow the default userspace alignment fault handler behaviour to be specified.

SPARCstation-Fox does not play well with APC CPU idle - disable it if you have APC and your system crashes randomly.

amijoy.map= [HW, JOY] Amiga joystick support Map of devices attached to JOY0DAT and JOY1DAT Format: , See also Documentation/input/analog.map= [HW, JOY] Analog joystick and gamepad support Specifies type or capabilities of an analog joystick connected to one of 16 gameports Format: apc= [HW, SPARC] Power management functions (SPARCstation-4/5 deriv.) Format: noidle Disable APC CPU standby support.

DYNAMIC_DEBUG Build in debug messages and enable them at runtime EDD BIOS Enhanced Disk Drive Services (EDD) is enabled EFI EFI Partitioning (GPT) is enabled EIDE EIDE/ATAPI support is enabled. Example: apic=debug show_lapic=all apm= [APM] Advanced Power Management See header of arch/x86/kernel/apm_32.c.

DRM Direct Rendering Management support is enabled. Also it is possible to set it to "all" by meaning -- no limit here. The parameter valid if only apic=debug or apic=verbose is specified.

Possible values are: fullflush - enable flushing of IO/TLB entries when they are unmapped.